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Massive memory leak in v1.8 build 11813


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I upgraded to v1.8 last night. I have run uTorrent for many months previously without any problems. After updating to 1.8 I get massive memory leaks, the faster I upload/download the more memory used (if I max out my 100mbit/s connection it maxes the RAM a lot faster). After about 1-2 hours my 8gb:s of RAM are completely used up. The process for uTorrent however doesn't use all that RAM, it seems it is the disk activity that causes the RAM usage to sky rocket. It however worked perfectly fine in v1.7.

EDIT: Actually, I am not sure if this is related to last night windows update or not. I'll try reinstalling 1.7 again and see if I get the same problems.

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I have the same problem . I didn't understand do I have to check those 2 options disable windows cache on write/read or uncheck them ?

here are my disk cache settings atm :


Since bittorrent bought utorrent things started going downhill. I am really sorry for this since I really like the program but since ver 1.6.1 there were problems like this. Anyway... utorrent will eventually become a new bitcomet and another program will take its place. sorry for my drift here

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Hello !

I have the same problem with 1.8.

I've tried to disable/enable windows disk cache, reduce memory, ... - nothing helps.

I have 6GB of RAM (Athlon64), and only ~60Mb of it is free after 1-2 hours of uTorrent running.


Maybe someone knows where it's possible to get uTorrent 1.7 ? Local link is broken...

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I just wanna throw my "me-too" in on this.

I couldn't figure out why all of a sudden I was down to 0 free memory earlier today - the uTorrent process didn't appear to be the culprit in Task Manager. I restarted my computer, and a few hours later I was back to less than 1GB free - which is unusual for my machine when it's practically idle.

I closed a few programs while watching the memory meter - as soon as I hit uTorrent, about 1.5GB suddenly freed up.

I haven't had problems prior to the latest build, or at least nothing to this extent. I have recently started doing much more with uTorrent, so I can't be sure if it's a build issue or the recent sudden increase in usage.

The most interesting thing was that I didn't see anything too out of the ordinary for any running processes. The system was showing very little free memory, but no processes seemed to be using it.

I've disabled windows caching as described above, so I'll see if that does the trick. I'll let it run overnight and report back.

uTorrent 1.8 11813

Vista Ultimate x64

Intel Core2Duo 3.0GHz


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Same problem here. uTorrent eats all my RAM. Task Manager only says its using 16MB but as soon as I close it physical memory usage goes from 100% to 22%.

And YES I did disable windows cacheing and restarted uTorrent. Sure enough I'm up to 34% again (and rising) from 22% but uTorrent is sitting there saying "It's not me guys..." in task manager and only reporting 16MB of RAM use.

Vista Ultimate x64 (I see a pattern...)


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Doesn't me seeing 100% memory usage and then closing utorrent and going down to 22% memory usage point to utorrent as the problem since I've never had this problem before until I started using 1.8 version of utorrent?

And there is no "Bypass windows cache for reads/writes" option in utorrent. I checked the options that say "Disable Windows caching of disk writes" and "Disable Windows caching of disk reads".

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