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µTorrent 2.0 released


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not been here for a while but came on to say thankyou for this great release

im using build 18296 and all i can say is perfect no problems what so ever

everything running default settings

in the past i had to limit upload bandwith to beable to brouse but not a problem no longer

im now able to use unlimited on both the upload and download settings and brouse the web as if utorrent wasn't even there

keep up the great work

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I have become convinced that there is something wrong with utorrent 2.0 that makes the torrents so slow. Sometimes some of them go 'fast' (e.g. 50+ KB/s down) but usually they are very slow, like the 3 I have now - 0.1 KB/s, 2.2 KB/s and 2.7 KB/s. Version 1.8.5 used to always be pegged against the scheduler limit (40 KB/s up), but 2.0 hardly every reaches it, and usually the upload line hovers around 10 KB/s and the download line is lower than that.

And then, yesterday, I saw this notice on one of the private trackers I visit:

uTorrent Users

Please do NOT use uTorrent v2.0.0. It has a system that favours those using the same version and it's slowing the entire swarm down. Until there's a fix for that, we would like to ask you not to use it until further notice. Thanks in advance...

I tried to downgrade to to a version of 1.8.5 that I had saved, but it won't install. I have bt.tcp_rate_control=false and all other settings are defaults. Any advice???

(Edited to use quote from private tracker)

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Upgrade tryout of v2.0 stable version.

Upgrade from 1.98 (5380) beta to v2.0 stable release.

Using UDP not sure of utp safety as yet or other similar issues. Even no easy upgrade method to have utp with udp as backup if dislike it. MAybe the installer needs additions for this. Not forgetting some of us (many of us) install by unticking install options to keep current config, directory location et all etc.

One important note re: the speed tests. Have all time javascript or and java inactive. Couldn't use the speedtest sites. Need a way to test with non javascript or java active browser (firefox default browser don't trust ie).

All those that ise their browsers with inactive javascript or java or both, are never able to speedtest with v2.0 atm.

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Need a way to test with non javascript or java active browser (firefox default browser don't trust ie).

How can you surf on internet without JS, especially on trusted websites (99.9% of internet)?

Blocking JS for security purposes on few websites, ok, but with a daily use of internet, it's impossible. Or go to web 0.0.

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Firon i'm not using uTP atm there is no easy way to active or inactivate if and when needed or is there. If there is does the settings remain for other uses or interfere (new protocol unsure)

So have nttp on udp and utorrent on tcp atm.

Click nearest location using tcp (port forwarding is ok old utorrent and is ticked in utorrent v2.0). But when select run test always errors with.

Data send eror: A local networking problem closed the connection (10053) or (10054)

Is the above because not using uTP or some other. utorrent does upload and download fine at speed, or within any speed limits when set.

Also the upload speed is near enough, the must be getting the part corrrect, but not sure if exact. Had to do a conversion to determine if correct or not.

Maybe it is a uTP thing as not using am unsure of it. Though everything works as should normaly do even with the setting as is.

But what is good all sites now reconise at last, so it seems, utorrent is the software they recommend. And so do i to friends etc, trustworthy and reliable Thanks for v2.0 stable release (most sites need stable releases to play the game). ;)

As an adition after looking at ms site for those errors it saying winsock or software not able to get ip or others. Normal running of utorrent is fine so i guess the secure ip setting in utorrent may have something to do with this or not. Javascript and java is noted because if go direct from speedtest box to those pages, they complain of no javascript or java. If utrrent fetches via speed test from those same pages could cause the error (unknown).

Meanwhile i will have a look again at uTP, last time looked was to much reading. Didn't get down to the nuts and bolts of all pro's and cons fast enough. With everything in life their are gains and losses, uTP gains seem good for speed but what downfalls if any are there using it on xp os with sp3. Asked as unsure if it's for higher os than xp. Also i do see IPv6/Teredo which i think was install uTP but nothing for uninstall if need to revert, thanks again. :)

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Preferences, BitTorrent ...disable/uncheck Bandwidth Management and uTorrent will quit making new uTP peer/seed connections -- though it won't disconnect any existing ones until you stop the torrent or restart uTorrent.

Recheck Bandwidth Management and uTorrent will immediately start making new uTP peer/seed connections.

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How about a fix for the "peers addition" bug?

40 known peers in the trackers view = 520 peers in the torrent list.

Since it's been a problem for every 2.0 build, it must be more complicated than it appears... as it is now, uTorrent peer addition is not smarter than a 5th grader.

Love everything else! Great work on the uTP!

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Thanks Switeck for the detailed explanation, and zarggg for pointing out its internal part of windows os. Ok so its very easy to use and work with. Just checked it was already on, turned it of to see any difference, none noted.

I have this note i copied from somewhere, likely from this utorrent forum. Maybe even this same thread, (i did edit this when first saved it to a document for later viewing - line spacing).

Preferences > Advanced > bt.transp_disposition.

This is now a bitfield, so you can add up the following numbers to get your desired setting.

1 - outgoing TCP

2 - outgoing uTP

4 - incoming TCP

8 - incoming uTP

Specific combinations:

255 - both TCP and uTP, incoming + outgoing (future-proof setting, always will mean this)

15 - both TCP and uTP, incoming + outgoing (default).

This togther with above really needed information. I can experiment, and trun on uTP knowing i can disable it for uTorrent if ever needed to. Tough by now i think most uTorrent users will have uTP activated and using it.

Thanks you all been needing the above information for a very long time. Now am more happy to leave uTorrent alone to do it's thing with uTP protocol active. Whereas previously i was unsure of it and didn't know about it. Sure i read pages for it, but didn't answer as is written simply above from Switeck and zarggg. Thanks to you both and maybe this important relevant information is highlighted for other users in easy view, (not buried) for all to see.

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