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Browsers all suck.


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Hmm when I boot up Mozilla it uses 15.5mb without any pages loaded while IE7-beta 2 uses 24.4mb. Mozilla starts up to around 25mb after some web surfing while IE7 goes to 31mb. I have a gig of memory with 2gigs on the way so those amounts are fine for me. FF, it would always freeze everything up so I can never tell how much memory it used on average. When it was running with only ad block I would get 100+mb after an hour of surfing. So I don't bother with it. Opera, I use it sparingly now that I have IE7. No major use issues, I just don't care much for the preference set up.

I like a few of the new options that IE7 has more than Mozilla. So I use IE7 with little problems and have used IE for years with little security issues.

I have the following security protections:

McAfee Anti-Virus set to scan all incoming files, including temp internet files.

Spybot Immunizing IE & Opera.

Spyware Blaster protects IE & Mozilla

McAfee Personal Firewall running

Windows XP-SP2 Firewall running (yes it helps I've run tests)

And my Linksys Firewall NAT router

Edit for Typos.

EDIT #2: Ok, this is weird IE7 dropped down to 2.8 megs on me for a little while. Now is back upto 20.8 after I opened a second tab. :/

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Ah, IE. I sympathise with what you're saying, silverfire, and understand where you're coming from. It's more of a moral issue for me - I know that it effectively supports all sites, but I understand the hoops that web designers have to run through to get shit to work in it, so I don't use it. (Also, I like Opera. :P)

Whoa, I was thinking about a µBrowser just yesterday. It would be awesome if Ludde ever got into that

To be honest, I don't want µBrowser. A browser is just so much more complicated than a BitTorrent client. The web and web standards are continually improving. I just think that one man will never be able to keep up with web standards and have a browser that could replace Opera for me, no matter how awesome his coding skills are. :( µFTP I would like to see, however. FileZilla, SmartFTP, CuteFTP, FireFTP.. they all suck for me. :(

fr-08 will live in infamy :P can't forget the day I saw it, back on my old crappy pc

Me too. I watched it like, 15 times or so. Just couldn't get my head around it. o_O <3 demoscene

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opera-this, firefox-that..ie7-whatever..? lol

so, what about kmelon? I've used it before and with a little work, it could replace tham all imo. faster than anything else I've used so far

I'll look at maxthon. sounds like a decent browser

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Try Slim brower thats just like all other browsers and you can make autologin files and add sites to black list of white list and make alias definitions

Theres a program and you can make Internet Explorer 6 have tabs like a add on i couldnt find the link sry

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