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µTorrent 3.3.1 RC


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But it would be great if someone with win 8 would check this out as well. Is anyone using win 8 here? :) guys? :)

I use Windows 8 Pro x64 MCE.

Seems to work for me.

[2013-05-08 16:43:38] Executing: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\calc.exe

I will try with only "calc.exe" as well, instead of full path.


[2013-05-08 16:59:08] Executing: calc.exe

Works fine.

Haven't tried any parameters.

µTorrent 3.3.1 Beta (build 29638) [32-bit]

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New 3.3.1 beta 29678 released:


- Change: Show build revision in About title

- Fix: Regression - display torrent information as soon as user selects different torrent

- Change: Show installer on autoupdate from pre-3.3.1 builds to 3.3.1

- Fix: Issues updating from pre-3.3.1 builds to 3.3.1

- Fix: Crash for downgrade when install canceled

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automatic silent update feature almost complete in utorrent 3.3.1 Beta.so whats the purpose of utorrent 3.4.because both 3.3.1 and 3.4 build having same target automatic silent updates.One thing they have not change the date and bulid number of utorrent 3.3.1 in downloads page.Still 24 April and 3.3.1 build 29594 http://www.utorrent.com/downloads. written over there.But nothing matters. :P:P

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http://www.utorrent.com/downloads -Who could update? Still contains the old information... :/

This is beta' date=' get it from the first post.[/quote']

It can be downloaded from the download page as well. :)

I just meant that the Beta section has not been updated in a while.

I see, I only use the forum. :)

The download goes to correct build, though. File version

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Works OK for me. In what way do you "delete" exactly, and what?

"Remove and delete .torrent" . Some people already reported it here before.

NVM, after some attempts in 29638 I got blank fields, so the bug was still there obviously. I moved to 678 again and... the columns now show the correct info after removing. This is strange. Will see how it behaves.

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5-6 minutes after any torrent d/l completes a hidden (magnet) 5 GB file (bigbad.txt) begins to force d/load to the uTorrent share folder. Repeated 3 times since 29678 update. I've stopped and deleted at 3% each time. Anyone else seeing this or have an Idea what it is?



Some noticed it in the Mac client, which is being investigated on here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=135684 [ µTorrent downloading huge files I did not add ]

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Double check that you've disabled all the "offers" options in advanced. If you do not know what I'm talking about - just use my settings.

They've been disabled continuously and don't seem to have reverted w/ 29678 update so I think its a recent (mistaken undeleted test code) change,

http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=694166#p694166 All are disabled except bt.enable_pulse which seems superfluous + I don't want ratings or comments enabled.

bt.enable_pulse: Enabling this option effects ratings, and disables comments too.

Or am I reading this wrong?

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I use to have similar problems, and I swore that it was the developers fault. What you should be looking at is what else do you have installed on your system? That could be causing allot of problems, I'm just trouble shooting. You also might want to try, before updating utorrent, make sure you back up your resume.dat files, then completely uninstall uTorrent including the settings, then delete the %AppData%/uTorrent directory. Then do a clean install, then before doing anything, go to Setup Guide and let it run the tests, then save the settings, then, set up your preferences with the minimal changes. You should change the Directories, Queueing, Remote, UI Extra, and Web UI settings only. If you still have the same problems, then it COULD be something on your system. I know this sounds like allot of work, but if you want to keep things running good, you have to do some maintenance. Personally, I usually, back up my personal files, then I wipe the boot drive and do a CLEAN install of Windows. That usually clears up any problems I've been having. It's totally up to you what you want to do. This is just my advice.

After I did all that, and IF I was still having the same problem, then I ALWAYS went back to the Stable Build. If you set up uTorrent with your own specific colors, icons ect., before I would do anything, make/copy/move the current.btskin to your backup drive, but don't keep your old settings.dat file. I've had similar problems, and I tried other P2P clients, and uTorrent is allot better, and has allot of features I like. :cool:

A year, or a few years, ago I would've gone through all those steps. Nowadays I still go through a routine maintenance Windows re-install every year or so, but unless it concerns a game I really want to play or a part of essential software, I no longer (wish to) spend long periods troubleshooting my software. Not when there are viable alternatives to try before I know for certain that my system is ailing or failing.

I first thought I'd try a uTorrent competitor, but the torrent-software market seems to be remarkably stale, and I didn't feel like getting accustomed to new interfaces and control mechanisms. So I took GCRaistlin's advice and installed an older version of uTorrent, switching off the update function. It works perfectly. And that cost me a total of about 10-20 minutes, including writing this post. Troubleshooting my install and settings of the newest uTorrent, and then my entire computer and Windows installation would've most likely cost me a few hours, if not perhaps an entire day, while the possibility remains that the crappiness I experience with the latest uTorrent versions depends on faulty programming rather than faulty computer maintenance (which the myriad complaints on these forums seem to support, sprouting after every new patch from the ground like weeds after a nourishing rainfall).

Also, I simply no longer trust whoever furnishes the uTorrent updates. Not once, but twice, those updates broke essential uTorrent controls such as the buttons in the top bar or all the detailed information, most importantly the files-list. I had faith that these would be fixed soon, but instead I saw people here refer other people with problems to the beta version instead; I find referring people from a stable to a beta version to be a rather daft way of fixing errors. With those precedences set, I no longer feel comfortable trusting my uTorrent updates and, for now, will stick to older versions that work reliably and don't waste my time with imploding on themselves.

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