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µTorrent 3.3.1 RC


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and "Move .torrents for finished jobs to:" settings both point to that folder.

You shouldn't do that. Just leave it unchecked (like me). And yeah, I have also set different directories than the defaults.

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Andreasvb wrote:

If it's a file lock you can try with Unlocker and see which process that locks the file(s).

I've downloaded that app and I will look at it the next time I have a failure to see if I can come up with any more diagnostic information.

It's always uTorrent.exe that locks the path preventing deletion.


In this case one of three torrents are frozen when checking with Unlocker, all of which are active and past seeding goals. As reported, it frequently happens (20-25% of the time) even when attempting to delete inactive, completed torrents before restarting the client.

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The ips dont have reversed dns server does not show flags.In some cases if you change the option peer resolve country false to true.still some ip does not show flags.But one user patch the older version of utorrent.You have to just set peer resolve country option true.Every ip addresses shows every flag.I have tested.I dont know how he make posssible. you can read description there.Check out the link


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For those unfamiliar with the release terminology used by the uTorrent devs, here are my translations:

Term What everyone else calls it

------- ------------------------------------

DL release: RC (devs want to see if users are still whining about well known bugs)

RC: Beta (devs think they fixed stuff, but also added some new and different bugs)

Stable: Alpha (devs don't think it will blue screen)

Beta: Pre-Alpha (should never leave in-house, but hey, what the heck)

Alpha: Whoops, how did this get on-line



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Re: µTorrent 3.3.1 RC

Dear admins:

1) why the hell is the link to exe removed in post no. 1?

2) why you show there build 29710 (stable?) and on the download page you get 29705 which has no changelog?

1. Getting ready for a "stable" thread ? Safer for you?...

2. Check again

3. Ask HIM (email)?


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why the hell is the link to exe removed in post no. 1?

Makes you wonder how organized the dev team really is!...We only see what goes on here in the forums and the stability or lack of in the software....I wonder what is happening behind the scenes?

and where is Firon?

Firon may have left with the rest of the original team right around the 3.0 builds!

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Still getting .torrent files not being successfully deleted in 29710. Failed on 3-4 files deleted today, out of about a dozen total deletions. All were in "Finished" status after reaching their seeding goals. All had been active during the current session at some point, because after the last session restart, all files that were in Finished status were deleted at that time. Current session run was in excess of 24 hours.

I had enough to test with "Delete to trash" set to both True and False. With DtT set true, data was placed in the Recycle Bin while .torrent remained in place, and an error like

[2013-05-21 01:50:42]  Warning: Delete to trash failed for D:\!Incomplete Downloads\Torrents\Random.Torrent.File.mkv.1.torrent. Error: 0. Deleting permanently.

was recorded in the log.

With Delete to Trash set false, data file was removed completely, .torrent file remained in place, and no errors were recorded in the log.

A check of the file lock with Unlocker showed that utorrent.exe had the file locked.

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what happen to autoupdate. i cannot autoupdate to utorrent 3.3.1 build 29705 to 29710.when i click check for updates.dialog box opened.no new version available. sad sad

Same here. For some reason it seemed to have worked well from 3.3 to this one ...

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Stable still has strange cache behavior.

"Write out finished pieces immediately" doesn't really work, since my cache rises up 190 mb with lots of completed pieces, and I'm not limited by hdd.

When the new algorithm decides to write to disk, it writes everything including blocks from partially finished pieces (that are still downloading, not interrupted by peer).

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autoupdate is not working. i was using build 29710.click check for updates.dialog box opened.no new version available.but 29719 available on utorrent website.They did not make a stable thread.something mishappening no admins i have seen from few days even reply any thread.we dont know what happened there behind the scenes.In main download page utorrent 3.3 still stable.Is utorrent company discontinue this product???????.May be i am wrong.

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"Write out finished pieces immediately" doesn't really work,
autoupdate is not working.

Both were on my list (#2' date=' #9) ... Let's bump it...

--2013-05-20: Version 3.3.1 (build 29710)

- Fix: Crash at the end of install

3.3.1 b29698/Beta/RC: My 10 "most wanted"/open issues

Overall - looks like a job well done with 3.3.1 :)

Stopper issues:

1. The default cache size is still 32M and not 128M (speed-tab->Disk statistics->xx of 32 MB)[b29704]

2. Updating with "standalone" exe+settings -> puts the new exe into %appdata%\uTorrent (with wrong settings) instead of just replacing the exe. Plus' date=' backup/restore operation is not documented anywhere...

3. "Add torrent" dialogue option ( 'Create - subfolder') are not being preserved/persistent in the subsequent "Add"s

[b']Other known issues that might effect some people:

4. Auto-shutdown options do not take forced seeding jobs into account, and aborts them even when set to "when everything completes" ...

5. Occasional 'Disk overload' throttles speeds for some users, mainly at higher speeds (for unknown reasons, yet... ) http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=729144#p729144

6. Help file not updated yet for 3.3.1, plus a wrong help-file-version is being retrieved by F1 (3.2.1, instead of 3.3) or with 404 error

7. resume.dat file is not being updated per-event/state-change, causing some data-loss & other side-effects between sessions

8. RSS auto-added torrents have the wrong "Added" time-stamp.

9. Pieces are not being written from cache to disk ASAP (if set to do so) and are being stuck in cache, plus there are a few reported cases (unconfirmed) of infinite "flushing" when download completes (leftover pieces in cache?) or infinite "allocation" when download starts (permission/priv. issues? Admin priv. needed?).

10 . Setting/changing any speed limit causes the speed to temporarily drop.

Added (21-May):

11. For a downloading torrent Disk full error does not change from downloading to stopped-with-error state

12. User defined Search Engines list is missing separator-lines defined by empty lines in the user-list

13. Force checking of multiple-selected-jobs - possibly skips a few.

14. Alternate upload rate is too sensitive to neer-zero download rates. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=731002#p731002 . Should be job-related and not speed, or the speed threshold should be set to 10 instead of 0.

:rolleyes: Did I miss anything important?... :rolleyes:

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