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3.4.x stable


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1 hour ago, ex58 said:

µTorrent 3.4.6 Build 42060 released...?

Here's the changleog:

- Rewrote string classes for significant crash rate reduction
- Opportunity for users to report poor ads experiences to help us improve ad quality
- Cookie ingestion to improve ad relevancy, with option to opt-out
- Fixed behavior re: triggering browser in foreground when intended by user
- Improved detection of default browser
- Solved #1 Pro support issue (first license check) server-side 3/14
- Fixed crash in Remote for some users when adding a torrent file; resulted in connectivity issues


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18 minutes ago, radusorin said:

Got 2 dmp files any advise what to do ?

42094-utorrent.2229.dmp ... 612KB

42094-utorrent.2b95.dmp ... 430KB

Can't upload here apparently they are to big.

upload to any hoster and post links, with info on how & when

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@unknownsoldierx Even on your screen shots, the font size is the same. The spacing was FIXED in a recent beta:

-- 2016-02-04: Version 3.4.6 Beta (build 41768)

- Restore main download view row height

And if you had been a 2.2.1.x or 3.3.2.x user, you'd have been aware of the "correct" spacing size.

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1 hour ago, unknownsoldierx said:

I had used those older versions, but I don't recall the spacing having changed. I hadn't considered that the spacing may have been "fixed".

I don't recall in which version the spacing was increased (it was a quite while back), but it did attract complaints on the forum.

2.2.1, 3.3.2 and 3.4.7 spacing:


I'd like to see the torrent highlighting include the torrent's Name also. I cant think of why it doesn't...

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