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Good news for µtorrent?


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after lots of discussions here:


and here:


this site just released this statement:


From System at 2005-11-26 01:20:58 (2 hours ago) GMT (NEW!)

Site wide mass pm -to all users

Bitcomet is now banned !

After extensive testing we have decided to ban bitcomet -

It seems that, this client is the most directly responceable for all of the extra peers(ghosts) that are not showing up on the site stats-

we feel this ban to be in the best interest of the community at this point and it is with a heavy heart that we have takin this action-

If you are using this client please change to another one

on a lighter note uTorrent is undergoing further testing

sorry people




I hope that all the arguments are close to an end....

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ludde isn't interested in adding that as has been said 12398 times before on the forums :rolleyes:

Just use started torrents stopped and select 'em on the files tab. There, virtually the same.

Well said and really a few of the more desirable 'features' of the other clients can be done in µT, just a different approach is all, at this stage any and everything I want/need to do with a torrent I can do in µT and am completely switched over now. No more Comet and no more Phrogg.

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uTorrent is undergoing further testing

Arent they testing µTorrent to make sure that its not mis-reporting to the tracker. Or did I read it wrong?

True. μT was banned, I think it's still banned, but at least now, they are willing to run further tests cause apparently BC was primarily responsible for the ghost peers.

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