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FireFox 1.5 is finally released!


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I've been using 1.5 since B1- Firefox is getting crap. I'm still having memory leaks even after performing a few rounds of clean reinstalling- I'm using standalone IE7b1 as my default browser now. If the Moz people don't clean up their act soon' date=' FX won't even stand a CHANCE once IE7 ships.[/quote']

Hmm. Do you delete your profiles between reinstalls? (The uninstall doesn't remove profiles, so bugs stemming from settings/themes/extensions can carry over)

FYI: Firefox's profile manager is launched by doing Start -> Run -> firefox.exe -p

Hey, I'm no noob :P I ran Firefox in "Safe Mode" between upgrades, which basically disables everything from your profile- problem's still there.

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I like firefox 'cause its extensions and stuff BUT (there's a big fat but...) ... i use Maxthon. Why u'll ask? That's why:

Maxthon 1.5.0 + 15 tabs opened = 5mb memory usage

Firefox 1.5 + 2!!!!! tabs opened = 36mb memory usage

Damn, i'm not stupid and i know how to count... i'll use Maxthon 'till firefox guys do something 'bout this memory usage...

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Yeah, I've noticed the memory leak is finally gone in 1.5 final. :D

i've never had a memory leak before v1.5 now when i open 10 tabs or 15 it goes up to 100+ mb and sometimes 100% cpu usage...

in comparison 1.0.7 never reached more than 70 mb (i think) with 30 or more tabs.. the memory usage is not so big deal but 100% cpu usage is a pain in the a**

if i dont count this i would say that it is perfect.. but remember there's nothing perfect in the world

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After reading one of the first posts in this thread (a post by splintax), I d/l and tried Opera, and I must say that he is right. Opera performs slightly better than Firefox. It's faster, consumes less memory, and handles problematic sites a little better. I am still going to continue usingFirefox, however, since Opera is not open source, and I like the numerous extensions in Firefox.

I still hope that the guys who work on Firefox will resolve the memory leak problem in v1.5 .

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