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maybe we should move away from the whole "star in the pentagram" thing... I know the design as it is now isn't wrong persay, but the "classic" pentagram came to mind; and that's usually enough for people to get upset.

This isn't the official design though, I guess you should bring it up with ludde or vurlix.

I wouldn't mind making a new one for them though.

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Firstly ill say good job on uTorrent, i have been using Azureus for quite a while now but dont always like the fact that it consumes ALOT of ram all the time. i did switch to Ziptorrent which although was a very good torrent progam that used very litte ram it lacked the certain features i needed. eg see inside the torrents and being able to select which files to download

Anyway back to the point. the icon does need alot of work, especially as i like to have nice big bold 48x48 icons and the 32x32 16 colour one at the moment just doesnt look very appealing.

what i was hoping for was if i could obtain a copy of uTorrent before it has been compressed down to 83Kb eg in its orignal state of about 190Kb

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It looks good, but can you add a bit more constrast to it... i.e. so the green is more green and the colors are more distinct?


Second try preview:


the best one in this thread, but i'd put the background behind the u white instead of green, just a thought.

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That's a great logo, but it doesn't work very well as an icon. Can we get the same thing without the word "torrent" in the icon? Just the green circle and the arrowed µ? I can resize it and then resource hack it into the existing executable.
How about this?


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