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µTorrent Skin Browser


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Okay, now to reply all of You :)

but the login boxes shouldn't really be acessible for everybody.

I think they should. I have enough time to filter out not wanted submissions.

And you should make some space between title and the theme-preview, now they look kinda merged.

And now how it looks ?

Great work! I'm kinda interested in knowing how you solved the alphablending issue

The library I used (phpThumb's BMP importer) didn't have alphablending support at all. I had to write it by myself. Not much code though. The real pain was detecting if the image actually is alphablended or isn't. It's because the image can be not-alphablended even if the image is 32bpp (the last byte is not used then). Luckily I got through this, I hope.

Great work! I'm kinda interested in knowing how you solved the alphablending issue

This picture was 16bpp BMP, which also wasn't supported by phpThumb's library, I got to write it from the scratch. Now it works fine :).

One thing noticed: Hovering a description too long to display will cut off the title-text

Hm... I noticed that, unfortunately I don't know how to fix this at the moment.

I tried to upload a tstatus and instead of uploading the tstatus, this appeared at the top of the page (...)

That was my debug info :). Now uploading should work fine. Please re-upload your works if they aren't there yet.

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It would be nice with a short description how you install the skins, at the same page. (For the newcomers).

And also you should make it possible to post modified icons as well: "tray.ico" and "main.ico", you know.









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We'll, if someone will come up with a nice idea how to put these instructions there so they will match the rest of design, I think it's a good idea.

As for the icons - I have to write some ICO loader in PHP first, then I can think about this :).

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