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µTorrent Skin Browser


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Tired of seeing "404 not found" errors when following links posted on this forum I've decided to write script that will do something with it. It's called µTorrent Skin Browser (µSB in short :)) and You can find it here:


The idea is simple. You've made l33t toolbar or status icons set. Choose category, fill the form and voila - thousands of people will now download Your creation! Well, maybe not thousands, but a few will for sure :). This is first version of the script so expect:

- crappy looks (or no looks at all, until Directrix will do something about this)

- bugs (it's 3:07 am here and my brain will explode on the keyboard soon)

- other things that You didn't expect

Script is (sort of) usable so You can already post Your skins. I've uploaded few and I hope the authors of them wouldn't kill me for this :D. I will continue to develop this script, so also expect updates. Your suggestions are more than welcome - please post them her

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I know why the colors looks much darker. It's because the screenshot images gets modified,

which more specificly means they are saved in a lower quality.

This is done on all the screenshots, but it's just more visible on

my themes because of their simple design.



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Great job!


* When a picture with a purple background is uploaded, auto convert it to transparent for display, keeping the purple one for download

* Make the discription field bigger (tooltip cuts off on firefox 1.5)

* Link to forum topic

* sort by author

* vote for your favorite?

All the tstatus pics are on this wiki:


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* PNG screenshots instead of JPG - much clearer

* When background is purple it gets automagically replaced by white background

* Added "Discussion" links

* Added download counter

Expect more soon :)

Edit: Determination - I don't have a clue how to make alpha-blended BMPs look good. They only look good in µTorrent. All other programs are showing them in the same way as in my script. I'll have to look more deeply into Alpha-blended BMP format and maybe I'll figure something out.

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haha you are awsome.. but the login boxes shouldn't really be acessible for everybody. And you should make some space between title and the theme-preview, now they look kinda merged.

And for those who didn't know:

The old skin gallery, located here.

And a message to everyone who has contributed with skins:


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Great work! I'm kinda interested in knowing how you solved the alphablending issue :D

What's with the XPMC tstatus btw? It's all black :/

Edit: I found out about the alphablending myself :)

One thing noticed: Hovering a description too long to display will cut off the title-text

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