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µTorrent 1.8.5 released


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We've released µTorrent 1.8.5 with some important fixes. Several crashes are fixed and connection management with SSL trackers has been improved.


-- 2009-11-24: Version 1.8.5 (build 17414)

- Fix: catches crashes in bad DLLs

- Change: relaxed the requirements on bencoded integers to parse some broken torrents

- Fix: fixed uTP crash in edge condition

- Fix: Fixed HTTPS connections where received response was more than one packet

-- 2009-10-29: Version 1.8.5 (build 17091)

- Fix: fixed crash when icmp.dll wouldn't contain the expected functions

- Fix: fixed crash when closing add torrent dialog while dragging a column

- Fix: More strict https connection state management for halfopen accounting.

-- 2009-10-28: Version 1.8.5 RC2 (build 17056)

- Fix: Vista and Windows 7 FW rules are created for all profiles

- Fix: /recover can be used without attempting to submit a crashdump

-- 2009-10-21: Version 1.8.5 RC1 (build 16977)

- Change: add an upgrade message if a buggy version of nvLsp is detected

- Fix: don't take the total number of connections into account when connecting to trackers

- Fix: Accounting of halfopen https connections would cause uT to stop making new connections

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ahh.. you did understood what I said about developing and "taking care" of 4...

Your good temper is what makes me staying with you, and loving you more and more.

Seriously, I have kids, twins, and I know the trouble.... (hehehehe..)

Was just a thought...

16977 is working wonderful here, u/l and d/l flawlessly until now (ok - it's soon, just to let you know).

edit: here, few hours working, 16977 is (easy) the best of 4. -----> THANK YOU!

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Great news.

I'd like to suggest that in future versions (have to admit that I've not yet installed it as private trackers don't like RC-s) more options should be offered in the "Speed Guide". For examle, there are many upload speeds ("Connection Type"-s) available between 2 and 10 Mbits out there.


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No, it's 30/3 Mbits.

But back to my original idea, the developers might want to update those suggestions since the bandwiths are ever changing (increasing). In the software's Speed Guide there are detailed suggestions below 1Mbits (between 28.8 and 768k) but above that the grades are rough. (Thus this guide might be outdated.)

I don't know the share of the fellow users that use this SG-feature at all, but I think probably our minority do. But I am sure that the fraction of the users are reading the forums hence found your Settings Chart here.

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I just encountered an odd little asthetic bug. To recreate:

1. Select all in the Files tab of a torrent.

2. Open any other tab.

3. Select another torrent.

4. Go back to the Files tab.

The selected rows stay selected, as opposed to the expected behavior seen when the tab changing is omitted.

Great work on the 1.8.x line guys. 2.x looks like it's coming along well too. Keep it up!

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I suppose it's not really much matter, since I did stumble upon evidence here that MicroTorrent version "2" is an official build. However, it wasn't until registering to participate in the Forum that I recognized that information-- as, while browsing this web site, following only those links which I expected to reveal the truth I sought-- and I began to believe my suspicion that I'd been duped!

Having downloaded version "2.x" as an "update" (probably responding to a FileHippo.com desktop client notification), I thought it peculiar that what I considered "the official" update, marked still as a pre-release itself, is inconsistent with the version I found distributed elsewhere. Specifically, believing it to be the most up-to-date or current version, the Release Candidate build which is the topic of this thread, I became reassured about these versions only after reading the discourse herein-- while i'd yet to discover the "beta" build, in fact!

hmph. gosh! what's my point? i had one, i swear! naw, i really just wanted to play around w/ a new forum profile, tweak avatar n sig, n all that fun stuff... No! kidding! ...

my point is, however vague it may be, that-- although I am even compelled to remark upon how strikingly fine I find the microtorrent site to be-- that is in terms of its aesthetically pleasant, spartan design, well adjusted so as not to speak out-of-turn, or over-top-of, but rather to cradle the functional components, remarkable amongst its brethren enough to catch my eye-- but wait!-- gosh!, cause i felt like it, okay!?-- but, i digress-- oh, yeah-- something about-- hmm... it would be cool, maybe, or-- as the jack-in-the-mule boss-man might order his subordinate-- it would, perhaps, be "a good idea" to indicate, in a more conspicuous, front-page-manner, something of this new, "version 2" build.


naw! i totally just wanted to play with the profile n junk! (not unlike was spoken, as Stewie once said, "i totally have rockets on my skis!". right? hee hee.)

rock n roll. thanks for the software. good stuff. ... what... no one uses Kazaa anymore?.. hehe... time flies. thank goodness for the trade-off: improvements in technology! yay!...

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