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µTorrent 2.2 "Griffin" beta 22538


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Apps for µTorrent is part of a new project codenamed Griffin. It is is a brand new web-based extensions framework that makes it easy for users to get more and do more with µTorrent without compromising the client's renowned lightness and speed. Moreover, it also makes it easy for publishers to incorporate content and services into a simple user experience that integrates seamlessly with the client. Please visit µTorrent Labs for more details.

We have new icons in 2.2. Please give us your feedback on them. If you prefer the old 2.0.4 icons, download the µTorrent 2.0.4 skin. Simply download and double click, or drag and drop onto µTorrent's window.

Download the beta here!

Release Notes

We've added some new features to 2.2 improve the torrenting experience!

  • Password-protected boss key
  • Global run-command feature on torrent completion/state change
  • UDP proxying for SOCKS5
  • Proxy privacy features
  • Improved set download location/relocate feature (now moves files for you)
  • Show add torrent dialog for magnet links
  • Add option to pause torrents when user activity is detected on the computer


-- 2010-10-12: Version 2.2 Beta (build 22538)

- Change: new sidebar, toolbar, tabs, and main icons

- Fix: remove gray background from BitTorrent install icon

- Fix: uTP EACK vulnerability

- Change: Top-level labels node count now includes the No Labels count

- Fix: Multi-selecting torrents in the download list and adding a label resulted in an incorrect sidebar count

-- 2010-10-05: Version 2.2 Beta (build 22328)

- Fix: toggle rss icon when feed is re-enabled

- Fix: fix skinning of tab icons

- Fix: Only show rss feed alias in sidebar when available.

- Fix: adding magnet links from web browser no longer truncates the default path

- Fix: set download location now works properly with !ut extension

-- 2010-09-27: Version 2.2 Beta (build 22187)

- Fix: relocating of single files

- Fix: handle forged timestamps and clock drift in uTP better

- Fix: crash introduced in previous release

-- 2010-09-24: Version 2.2 Beta (build 22144)

- Fix: can't disable/enable play column

- Change: make items in sidebar smaller

- Change: new toolbar and status icons

- Fix: various crashes

-- 2010-09-22: Version 2.2 Beta (build 22117)

- Feature: Enabled dialog when adding magnet URLs using Add URL.

- Change: slow down animation of torrent icon during torrent download

- Change: small uTP CPU optimization

- Change: Make find pane smaller if AV dialog is showing

- Fix: 100% CPU issue when retrying http downloads

- Fix: transfer cap doesn't update unless uTorrent is running

- Make find pane smaller if AV dialog is showing

-- 2010-09-15: Version 2.2 Beta (build 22007)

- Fix: fix piece priority in the piece tab

- Feature: perform name resolution through SOCKS 5 proxy for UDP traffic.

- Fix: Prevent a race between DNS resolution and HTTP connect

- Fix: Fixed completion moving of single file torrents

- Fix: Fixed uTP ACK timer wrap bug

-- 2010-09-10: Version 2.2 Beta (build 21882)

- Fix: icon rendering issue

- Fix: remove toolbar creation flags which caused buttons to be off center

- Change: Re-ask user for additional permissions when app loads when not given enough permissions

- Fix: don't clear completed-on when rechecking

- Change: reload images dynamically on re-skin

- Fix: It's no longer possible to wake up the client when in boss-mode

- Fix: file !ut suffix on completed files when loading resume data

- Fix: Set Download Location... was crashing for single file torrents

- Feature: support skinning colors

- Feature: added option to show overhead in status bar

- Feature: Added prioritize files by sort order

- Feature: zipped skinnable elements in .btskin file.

- Fix: ignore hotkeys while boss-key hidden.

- Feature: password protected boss-key.

- Feature: show file dialog when loading magnet links

- Change: reorder the labels menu

- Feature: advanced option to run commands when any torrent completes download or changes state

- Feature: option in Bandwidth Settings to stop transfers when user interacts with windows.

- Feature: end to end path MTU calculation based on ICMP messages and missing packets

- Feature expose more granular file priority levels

- Feature: take bandwidth used by RSS and tracker into account for rate limiting

- Feature: Added privacy options to BitTorrent settings

- Fix: Make 'Set Download Location...' actually move the downloaded data

- Feature: uTP / UDP traffic over SOCKS5 proxy server.

- Change: select torrents pane if find pane is select and sidebar is hidden

- Change: select torrents if on startup apps or find is chosen and sidebar is hidden

- Fix: garbage hint text on hover in sidebar

- Feature: added option to have the progress bar color match the status icon

- Fix: reduce sidebar flickering during rss updates and torrent additions

- Fix: Shift-selecting user-defined labels would sometimes choose the wrong items

- Fix: WebUI security improvements

- Fix: Crashes after app install

- Fix: Changes to/between app download/install nodes

-- 2010-09-01: Version 2.2 Beta (build 21738)

- Change: Re-ask user for additional permissions when app loads when not given enough permissions

-- 2010-09-01: Version 2.2 Beta (build 21710)

- Change: right-click on find item does nothing

- Fix: right click on already selected item does not change selection

- Fix: crash associated with downloading favicons

- Fix: survey was displaying incorrectly and at the wrong time

-- 2010-08-31: Version 2.2 Beta (build 21668)

- Fix: right click was deselecting multi-selected items in side bar

-- 2010-08-30: Version 2.2 Beta (build 21611)

- Change: if a tree node with selected children is collapsed, select the node

- Fix: reduce flicker when switching from apps to find content

- Fix: tracker retry interval

- Fix: reduce flicker in AV dialog when updating or scanning

- Change: cache downloading of favicons in search dropdown

- Fix: update rss feed counts when a feed is added or removed

- Fix: send started and stopped events to all active trackers

- Fix: fixed DLL hijack exploit

-- 2010-08-24: Version 2.2 Beta (build 21409)

- Fix: horizontally scrolling the sidebar causes render problems with find item

- Change: remove screenshot from find pane. Change find pane text.

- Fix: update app sidebar counts correctly when apps are installed

-- 2010-08-18: Version 2.2 Beta (build 21290)

- Change: use friendly name for rss items in sidebar

- Change: add bold text for Ask toolbar offer

- Fix: set bt.transp_disposition to use new uTP header

- Fix: btapp html updates properly when updated

- Fix: made apps sidebar string translatable

- Fix: Fixed size of static text in transfer cap setting pane to be translatable

-- 2010-08-11: Version 2.2 Beta (build 21145)

- Fix: fixed RSS feed selection filtering

- Fix: sidebar can sometimes disappear when showing-hiding find pane or apps

- Feature: Added ability to bundle btapps with utorrent.exe with bundle.py

- Feature: support feed:// links for RSS feeds

- Change: updated status icons

- Change: select torrents pane if find pane is select and sidebar is hidden

- Change: select torrents if on startup apps or find is chosen and sidebar is hi


-- 2010-08-10: Version 2.2 Beta (build 21090)

- Change: remove the "always show add dialog" and merge its functionality with the "show add dialog"

- Change: cache the bitmap used for double buffering by some utorrent panes

- Change: Playback feature disabled by default - new setting in preferences->playback

- Fix: reduce sidebar flicker when adding or removing torrents

- Change: cache the bitmap used for double buffering on some utorrent panes

- Change: remove the overhead display from the status bar

- Fix: arrow-key navigation of multi-file torrent filelist.

- Fix: garbage hint text when hovering in sidebar

- Fix: select download pane if find pane or apps were selected and the preference for them is disabled

- Feature: support multi-announce in LSD packets

- Fix: sidebar counts would not update in some cases

-- 2010-08-06: Version 2.2 Beta (build 21002)

- Fix: reduce sidebar flicker during RSS updates

- Change: Move partner app uninstall to the installer thread

- Change: add support for label counts

- Fix: find pane is only default for fresh installs, not for upgrades

- Change: Promoted show-apps, show-find-pane, narrow-toolbar, category-spaces settings to options menu

- Fix: Fixed peer exchange exploit

- Change: Advanced option to disable display of Antivirus icon

- Fix: Install Node left behind when installing Virus Guard

- Fix: Shift-selecting user-defined labels would sometimes choose the wrong items

- Change: labels now sort when added

- Fix: separators could be selected on rclick, causing problems

- Fix: Fixed peer exchange exploit

- Fix: remembering last side bar selection across application restarts. if the selection is a dynamic node, select the parent.

- Change: remember which side bar items are expanded across application restarts

- Change: Advanced option to disable display of Antivirus icon

-- 2010-08-03: Version 2.2 Beta (build 20896)

- Change: Multiselect is now the union of all selected items. this fixes label selection

- Fix: Safari 5 compatibility for WebUI

- Fix: Status icon in lower right corner no longer cut off.

- Change: Download screenshot on find conent dynamically

- Fix: not all favicons were downloading for default search providers

- Fix: Crashes in IEFrame

- Fix: Crashes after app install

- Fix: Changes to/between app download/install nodes

- Change: Hide the find pane on win2k (it's not supported)

- Fix: take our survey no longer hides the toolbar

- Fix: Find Content Pane is the default on first install

- Fix: Find Content no longer will show if the category tree is hidden

- Change: Gracefuly degrade if app icon is missing: allow app to load

- Fix: WebUI security improvements

-- 2010-07-30: Version 2.2 Beta (build 20813)

- Fix: Selected / sorting column no longer reverts to default.

-- 2010-07-29: Version 2.2 Beta (build 20793)

- Fix: toolbar appearance during app install

- Fix: Multi Select issues in sidebar

- Fix: Find Item not showing selection in non-aero theme

- Fix: Crash when running BitDefender

-- 2010-07-28: Version 2.2 Beta (build 20756)

- Fix: Crash during btapp installs - double permission requests

- Fix: Crash during btapp install

- Change: add mousewheel scrolling

-- 2010-07-21: Version 2.2 Beta (build 20663)

- Fix: fixed bug in transfer cap where it would sometimes not refresh the transfer count

- Fix: Crash during btapp install.

- Fix: Crash when privileged btapp is loaded and torrent status changed.

- Fix: Crash in speed guide when exiting dialog early.

- Change: disable IPv6 on Win7 by default. Could be turned on using net.disable_ipv6 property.

- Change: Add Find Content Pane

- Change: sidebar separators and layout

- Change: context sensitive toolbars

- Change: new flat, green artwork

- Fix: save selected item in sidebar

- Change: added more default search engines

- Fix: fixed string truncation of &ip= parameter to trackers when on IPv6

- Fix: fixed rare uTP crash when receiving a reset packet

- Change: add openbittorrent and publicbt as default trackers when creating torrents

- Fix: fixed progress bar when downloading over HTTP directly to a file

- Fix: crash in network thread

-- 2010-07-13: Version 2.2 alpha (build 20532)

- Fix: Show correct app state if apps hidden then displayed in prefs.

- Change: clear dont fragment bit for UDP traffic

- Change: lower the estimated path MTU 1393 bytes

-- 2010-07-09: Version 2.2 alpha (build 20502)

- Change: new, improved choker

- Fix: set dont fragment bit for UDP traffic

- Fix: fixed uTP crash in rate limiter

- Change: lowered half-open connection limit on post XP systems

- Fix: connect overhead graph was broken

- Change: lowered default connect speed from 10 to 7

- Change: increase timeouts and have fewer re-sends when connecting to uTP peers. This reduces some overhead

- Change: only rate limit local uTP sockets if both uTP sockets are limited and 'limit local peers' is set

- Fix: added support for utf8 in btapp files. Javascript files can now contain Japanese and it will be correctly displayed

-- 2010-06-23: Version 2.2 alpha (build 20227)

- Fix: graph TCP rates when uTP is not rate limited, even when tcp_rate_control is off

- Fix: fixed bug where "apply rate limit to uTP" would get unchecked by itself

- Fix: fixed uTP crash on sockets being closed with uninitialized read buffers

- Fix: default download directory fix for multifile torrents

- Change: rate limit uTP by default

- Fix: Fixed fast-resend bug in selective ack handling in uTP. This could cause too aggressive resends on packet loss

- Change: fix crash when formatting a string with NULL

- Change: make uTP slightly less aggressive on loss

- Change: Mention uTP in settings and reorganize new bandwidth checkbox since they apply to both up and down limits

- Change: Render TCP rates in speed graph when uTP is not throttled

- Change: Moved net.calc_overhead to the Bandwidth settings pane

- Fix: RSS items show a different icon if disabled

- Change: Turn on uTP throttling when scheduler is in "limited" mode

- Fix: Fixed a delayed ack issue in uTP (lowers overhead)

- Fix: RSS items would show when torrent list was empty

- Fix: made magnet links in RSS feeds work

- Change: made uTP packet size increase based on low delay measurements

- Fix: made uTP packet size depend on total send rate, not just uTP send rate

- Change: new advanced settings net.disable_ipv6 that defaults to True on 64bit Windows

-- 2010-05-24: Version 2.2 alpha (build 19640)

- Change: Sharper help graphic

- Feature: Added the basis for btapps

- Feature: Added persistent app pairing

- Change: Do not stop torrents when automatically shutdown

- Fix: DHT would store duplicate peers for torrents

- Feature: Added support for suggest piece messages (part of FAST extensions)

- Fix: Potential bug when accessing the root directory of a URL

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1) Wrong sort in main window (ok just after click on a label, ko after a few seconds).

2) Apps window continue to refresh every few seconds.

3) Click on Learn more link some time open link in uT window, some time in firefox.


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I apologize to all the 2.2 users that got automatically updated to 3.0. There was a mistake in our update process yesterday that accidentally pushed 3.0 to you. It's been fixed now and measures were put in place to prevent it happening in the future.

The 2.2 branch is here to stay, so if you'd like to go back, it's simply a matter of re-downloading the 2.2 installer and installing the client like normal.

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µTorrent 2.2 "Griffin" alpha 20532 - - When you click on a websight to add it adds it but does not show it when you click on it again it asks you if you want to add trackers to it when you shutdown and reopen utorrent you see the download

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Seyss: Do you not have one installed? Serves you right, if so. I have Avira installed and I don't see the message you're talking about. If you're downloading files from any p2p service/protocol you should have an antivirus installed. Seems like fair warning for them to include a message as thus.

Edit: Completely wrong thread in mind here, chaps. Apologies.

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He's talking about the little icon in the bottom right corner, next to the network status one:


I think there should be an option to remove it.

IMHO, antivirus apps are for nubs. I don't have one installed and I've never had a virus.

And I've been using computers for over 15 years.

I used to use Kaspersky but only for on-demand scanning.

All that proactive bs that runs in the background and checks what you're doing like a nanny is not for me.

Right now, I only use VirusTotal Uploader if I need to scan something I download. Of course I don't download random crap that most people seem to, so I never have a problem. Most trustworthy files have a digital signature nowadays anyway. No need for a lame av app.

Also, Firefox with ABP is all I need in terms of internet security.

My hardware firewall helps a bit as well.

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