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Same as you guys, seen this while grabing the latest uto beta and really thought "WTF is going on".

Hope this shit gets removed asap.

It *IS* gonna hurt for sure seeing their agressive "download movies-mp3-games for free" ads.

What the hell were they thinking here at uto when they accepted this deal?

And the location of the link itself, right below the official builds with same font and same style is freaking blasphemous.



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Maybe if more people hit the donate button they wouldn't need the ads..

As for Usenext, I've used the free trial, and I never gave any credit card details so fail to see how you can be scammed, unless they changed it. I found it to be very good, maxed the connection out for the few times I used it. If your into newsgroups, their software is one of the easiest to use. IMHO..

And before I get flamed, no I don't work for em :P

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you know about the similar textual ad on the mininova sites?! (There of course with the afilliate code for them in it!)

And if you think this ad is wrong; have you donated the same amound of money to ludde as he will get if only 1 "www.Tv.org kind of user" uses this affiliate link and becomes a happy paying customer for usenext usenet "download service"?


Download client: In order to download the content of this torrent file, you need a BitTorrent client like µTorrent (?).

Alternative download: The file bla bla bla might also be available on usenet. Click here to download the UseNeXT client.

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I don't remember the last time i used mininova, so, no, i don't know about any similar ads. I can assume ludde is not the only one using this approach, but this doesnt make it any better.

And, no, i never donated a single cent to ludde, yet it seem that when ludde started to code utorrent, it wasnt about the money. Now it seems it's all about the money and thats it.

Anyway, IMHO trying to misguide ppl, especially in an attempt to make them do something that is good for you, yet dubious at best for them, is WRONG.

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went to look and as pple said, I would have thought it was just another kind of program from the workshop of the uTorrent maker, simple direct download link as the others

my Firefox with addblock removed the text in that oval window just below but that wouldn't change anything even if it got shown, I'd call that link 'misleading hijacking' link

you just gotta never relax and always check in the status bar the particulars of any link it seems


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Yes, I'm more worried about the signal this is sending out, to me it means that Ludde is using underhanded tactics to "fool" people into downloading and installing this software, which has absolutely nothing to do with his creation!

And seriously, when was the last time you saw software makers do that? yep, in spyware situations. However, there's a huge leap between µTorrent's integrated link and getting some toolbar installed, but the distance is lessening it seems....

I mean, let's disregard the content the link has, and just focus on the fact that the link is made out to look as it's a part of the site.. that alone is bad enough.

I'm not against Ludde using ads on his site, but I'm against him doing weird stuff like this.

I have to be honest and say that this has lessend my trust i him a bit... it's gotten me catious.

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On the download page, just under the Usenext link it says

(Advertisement) Fully Legal access to MP3s, Movies & much more. Fast, Anonymous, and Easy!

I know what usenext is, but if i didn't I could see its an Advertisement.

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I think I am with both sides on this one. On the one hand, advertisement is advertisement, and people need money. OTOH, exactly this advertisement is definitely the wrong one.

Can't you place "usual" advertisement there? Dunno, viagra, pr0n sites, sex toys, dubious cash deals, stuff like that :P

Just not UseNEXT ^_^

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The easy problem is:

99.9% anything you can download on usenet (which usenext provides) via binary groups is illegal! No legal owner of rights publishes those contents like hollywood movies, telesyncs :P and other dvd rips.

The scandal in this advertising is that you trick people into thinking usenext would offer legal downloads while it doesn't, that is the big scam. Obviously it's all about the money as even big companies write fake articles about the goodness of Usenext propagation it is legal. Usenext doesn't own any rights for the contents, you will be sued for copyright infrigment downloading there and it's easy to track down via payments.

The dispicable thing is that utorrent creators ignore the plain fact usenext advertises illegal downloads and gets paid for it, they make use of warez to personally make profit from it, I don't know a single person that got usenext for plain textnewsgroups.

USENEXT IS NOT LEGAL DOWNLOADS, and who'd think alt.binaries.cd.image.xbox e.g. would contain even 1 legal download must be a fool. Obviously pays big bucks to website owners to hide this informations on purpose and go with them advertising things as legal who aren't and I personally despice everyone who pays others to get access to copyrighted stuff. If you steal, then at least steal for free and don't pay some lamers that want to make cash easy with copyright infrigment, those are the real killers.

I personally want MPAA and RIAA to destroy providers like usenext no matter what, cause it is just plain impudent how they make cash. Best is that they don't even need to upload anything cause turds upload for them so they can advertise it for fast download. And speedkids nowadays want to max their cool 16mbit+ lines so they even pay for this to troll about it how they get everything with speed!!!

So basically utorrent advertises illegal downloading, good go! And the "we have no relations with what people" do is soo stinking. Like any of all the kids that get usenet binaries provider would buy it if it wouldn't have the newest illegal shit. But it plain perky to just claim it's all legal and get some clueless people to think it really would be, as said who ever would believe RIAA members upload to usenet in MP3 without DRM etc. but I bet there's a ton of people that are totally clueless about this and think usenext would pay anything to someone, in fact allofmp3 might pay more than usenet providers will ever.

Any refusal to remove these ads from the utorrent just show that you just want to make cash no matter with by using the popularity of your software, no disrepect for the work, but I disrespect quick cash making with tricking people.

Don't go with the lame excuse it says "legal access" and nothing about the legality of the downloads, you know it's a scam to make people think the last one is the case. Otherwise the utorrent website makers must be really dumb. Also you maybe changed the text.

Do not support people making cash with illegal downloads! because this really kills the market, so get your illegal stuff it really must be for free.

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its not "tricking" people. if the people are to lazy to READ what the usenet provider writes its their own fault.

they say nowhere that you can download copyrighted stuff, that is not intendet to be distributed via Usenet, legally there.

Just because the people are interpreting something else in the clearly written words does not make it morally wrong.

And this is no lame excuse because "usererror is not a bug".

If the people are to stupid/lazy to read and making assumptions instead of reading thats not the fault of business doing people and no scam at all!

As we in Germany say: "Wer lesen kann, ist klar im Vorteil"

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Too bad I'm german and not all about the cash like you. Always the same loser excuses. It's an obvious tricking as people know about how people quickly assume wrong things.

Stop the stupid excuses, if you want to make cash no matter what just rob a bank. It's sad how all the big loserwebsites want to grab money from Usenext using this trick with knowing it and just blaming it on the stupidness of the users. It's just sad utorrent is one of those big group of people that just want to make cash no matter what with illegal stuff.

Get a fucking grib of life and don't advertise for lamers grabbing cash from illegal downloads however misinterpreted it may be by users. Seems utorrent is just cheap cashmaking after all and the small size a plot to minimize download size to save as much traffic as possible to maximize profit :P

So people better not donate anything to utorrent creators, it seems they got an urgent need for the big bucks no matter what, supporting this is not needed ...

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a quote from an irc conversation

[00:41:06] > Firon, btw, should i bump that usenext thread again ? :)

[00:41:40] <Firon> why inf

[00:41:51] > Firon, cause it got 'reverted' again

[00:42:01] <Firon> yeah it did, and it's staying that way

[00:42:04] <Firon> ludde wants it that way

[00:42:19] > Firon, can i paste that part of this conversation in there ?

[00:42:34] <Firon> I was gonna myself, but ok

[00:42:43] > ok

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