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µTorrent 1.7 beta 2951


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Local Peer Discovery isn't working good...

Sometimes can't discover local peer and even if I add local computer ip to peer list (ip:port for example my friend it isn't adding to list ;/

Sometimes local peer is discovered but my and local peer computer aren't trasnfering files

And sometimes is good but transfer to local peer is about 200kb/s ;/

ut isn't showing upload or download speed to local peers ;/

Sorry for my english ;p

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Build 1111 changelog looks good :P I'll test it asap! BTW what version has proved better (if any did)? PECompact, UPX, Uncompressed?


There's a stupid display bug in the General tab: don't report it; it's already been fixed for the next build.

by Firon

I haven't tested 1111 yet but could you explain that bug :P or post a screenshot?

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Yeah, that only happens when you scroll through the dropdown menu. It's been reported already.

@thexfile: Yeah, we reported that to the devs, and they've already fixed it for the next build. It was a case of the "DHT Status" and "Update In" being mixed up in the General tab.

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Seems right clicking a torrent, then trying to change the bandwidth allocation puts the checkbox beside the wrong entry. For example, if I check "high", the checkmark goes beside low, if I check low, the checkmark goes beside normal and high, etc. This is the the PP compressed EXE.

Great work!


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I'm having a problem with the 'Random Port Selection' in build 1137. I have UPnP & the random port option selected, but every time I open utorrent, it 'randomly' selects port 0. Looking at the logger, there is then no mention of UPnP discovery or failure. If I go into settings and click the random port button, and apply, then it selects a more reasonable port number and the UPnP device is detected.

This happens every time I start utorrent. I'm running WinXP Home SP2.

BTW - this program is great! I really like the new automatic upload selector.

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