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µTorrent 1.4 released.


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ICleolion, what is your problem? Are you some kind of idiot or what?

All the people complaining about the speed limit loves utorrent as much as you. And it is not your interest whether they download legal or illegal material.

There is a problem here with the speed limit, and people are sharing their opinions just to find a solution that fits and makes utorrent better.

You don't have a bit of idea about sharing opinions in a community. Before sharing a file, learn to share ideas.

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I have a problem with the people who bitch, or who are saying Ludde has done this limiter thing sneakily.

Everyone else, including those with legitimate problems with the limiter and who post about it in a helpful way without whining, i dont have a problem with.

Example of the type i user i'm happy with - http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=4486

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It was in the changelog yes, and I also explain "Download limited" (in the status bar) in the FAQ. The old amount was set to 3* the upload cap, which was too low for 256/64 users. We don't want to harm most of the legit users, just the leeches. Hence, why the next build should raise the cap to 6*, so said 256/64 users can get reasonable speeds.

Nefarious: I think the idea's been suggested, might not be a bad idea.

VenQWish: yeah, i had 256/128 DSL and I always had 1+ (sometimes 2+!) ratios on my trackers, but that's because I could do it 24/7, and I never tried to leech more than I could.

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Does µTorrent 1.4 report the correct statistics?

I use µTorrent 1.3 (build 364) and I am seeding to someone who uses µTorrent 1.4. Although I'm uploading at a steady pace, the % completed does not change (torrent 98.8MB, uploaded 34.3MB and climbing, % stays at 3,6%)

I see this phenomenon on all my torrents where µTorrent 1.4 is used.

So, is there a problem here?

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In beta-build 403: what are "filter:" and "not:" lines in RSS->favorites ?


Other notes on build 403:

1. It seems that minimum interval between matches - does not work .

2. I think "match only once" should be "match only 1st one" and should not be in that pull-down-list-box at all. It is not related to the period of check but to the type of selection - "1st one of many" . A check-box might be enough.

3. RSS->releases->select->open - saves the .torrent w/o the .torrent extension

4. seems like RSS->releases->select->open - saves the partial DL file (.!ut) in the .torrent directory as well

5. "match only once" - how long does it last ? It should be "forever" (=disable matches for every scan after the first find) unless reseted... It seems that it works only for a single scan.

General comments:

100. add "preferences" & "RSS" buttons on the tool bar (or better yet - let the user be able to define the tool-bar buttons)

101. enable multi-select in the RSS "history" for easier deletion

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Well getting off the whole capping chain. I think we need to see 1.4.1 addressing some minor bugs etc. For 1: I am unable to use 1.4 at all due to the "Error: Access Denied" Balloon, I've tried everything in the FAQ. Perhaps it's something to do with Kaspersky AV. Even though it's switched off. Well there are other bugs that needs addressing to. This doesnt necessarily mean the addition of new features, Just a stabler 1.4

So this is my message to you Mr. Ludde xD

- Gooey

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In the new open torrent dialog box (the Bitcomet style one) will be nice to have a "select all", a "deselect all" and eventually a "toggle selection" button. It will make things easier with 2000 files torrents. :)

you can do this already, right click on the list and clic select all/deselect all

stiga: i used to have 128/64kbps ADSL and i could upload at 5kB/s being able to use my browser too, what can i say, i have a xxx/100kbps (yeah wierd one) and im able to upload 10kB/s all time without slowing down

what can i say, there is always gonna be people unhappy about it...

and just so u know in next version with the cap raised to 6 times instead of 3, u should be able to have 18kB/s download when limiting to 3kB/s for upload, and 24kB/s if limiting to 4kB/s so...

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I know a few people that have 64kbit upload streams and they have always been able to upload at 5kB/s without harming anything else. Basically, Lowering it any more defeats the purpose of scrweing leechers over. Like I and nefarious said, Even with only 4kB/s, which any 64kbit upload stream should be very well capable of, you get 24kB/s download which is almost all of your line.

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