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µTorrent 3.2 stable (27568)


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This release is intended to improve the performance of the µTorrent client, as well as fix general issues from the 3.1 series.

Download the new version now!

Release highlights:

  • Show when files are allocating instead of disk overload
  • Make the user interface use less CPU
  • Refresh Add Torrent dialog with magnet link metadata
  • Improve performance when writing to disk


-- 2012-07-30: Version 3.2 (build 27636)

- Change: add tracker.ccc.de as a default tracker

- Feature: disallow http connections to tracker.openbittorrent.com and tracker.publicbt.com

- Fix: disk cache size accounting

-- 2012-07-05: Version 3.2 stable (build 27568)

- Fix: minor installer fix

-- 2012-06-29: Version 3.2 Release Candidate 8 (build 27547)

- Fix: Crash when resetting detail listview via context menu

- Change: When downloading metadata in Add Torrent dialog, display "Waiting for Torrent Information"

- Fix: We were accidentally pre-allocating files in the default download location for

magnet links that fully resolved while in the Add Torrent dialog

- Change: completely disabled unbuffered I/O

-- 2012-06-26: Version 3.2 Release Candidate 7 (build 27522)

- Fix: Improved disk I/O error logging

- Fix: Movie seeking in chrome browser, allow caching

- Feature: Enable content offer delivery via torrent

- Fix: Use correct save directory for single file mangnet link if metadata loads in Add Torrent dialog

- Fix: Apply "Name" field from Add Torrent dialog to single-file torrents

-- 2012-06-26: Version 3.2 Release Candidate 6 (build 27503)

- Fix: Single-file torrent name issue; ut would try to use the directory name as the file name

- Fix: Issues caused by multiple send2friend dialogs

- Fix: update UPnP reported IP at 1 second intervals

- Fix: fixed bugs in local socket rate limiting including overflow.

- Fix: fixed parsing resolution in .mov and .mp4 video header with multiple tracks

-- 2012-06-22: Version 3.2 Release Candidate 5 (build 27480)

- Fix: crash when disconnecting device while in conversions view

- Fix: Don't accidentally "run program" when loading a magnet link in "Add Torrent" dialog

- Performance: Take advantage of buffered I/O in all diskio thread file operations. Should work better on Samba shares.

- Fix: Bugs caused by showing a file chooser dialog for single file torrents in the "Add Torrent" dialog

- Feature: support BitTorrent/uTorrent Remote registration via HTTP interface

-- 2012-06-18: Version 3.2 Release Candidate 4 (build 27434)

- Fix: crash in mkv parser

- Fix: possible crash when starting up magnet links and downloading metadata from multiple peers

- Fix: "Add Torrent" dialog was wrongly adding a folder single-file-torrent download paths

when user changed file location via "save-as" dialog

-- 2012-06-15: Version 3.2 Release Candidate 3 (build 27430)

- Fix: various crashes

-- 2012-06-13: Version 3.2 Release Candidate 2 (build 27399)

- Fix: torrent will be force-started even if user uncheck the start torrent option in add torrent dialog

- Fix: crash in metadata parser

- Fix: SspiEnableHttpsServer crash

- Fix: crash in webui

- Fix: crash when receiving last block of magnet metadata

- Fix: Constant UPnP log message

- Change: Device paiing

- Fix: tiny utp leak

-- 2012-06-05: Version 3.2 Release Candidate 1 (build 27343)

- Fix: fix dht vote announce issue

- Fix: internet explorer legacy toolbar pairing, was failing to pair

- Fix: make the toolbar pairing dialog become the foreground window, while pairing

- Fix: crash when opening containing folder for too many torrents

- Feature: when opening magnet link, improve 'chasing arrows' icon

- Fix: Toolbar pairing works again, was broken in 3.2

- Fix: removed codec column from torrent list

- Fix: improved file access - memory efficient file I/O

- Feature: added new BitTorrent Certified device icons and text

- Fix: startup crash when settings.dat was corrupt

-- 2012-05-29: Version 3.2 beta (build 27295)

- Fix: lack of window frame for popped-out video

- Fix: issue where http streaming proxy would linger after the connection was closed

- Fix: many asserts and crashes

- Fix: allow probing of file size in the loose file server with an aborted get

-- 2012-05-23: Version 3.2 beta (build 27272)

- Fix: video slider steps should be small for fine control and visual smoothness

- Fix: fixed lack of window frame for popped-out video; returning to embedded video works fine too;

- Fix: heap corruption

- Fix: Fix rendering of stats dialog. First line was formatted as header text.

- Feature: minimal support for pad-files (deselect them by default)

- Fix: Improperly formatted torrent vote messages

- Fix: Only request IPV4 addresses for udp tracker DNS resolution

- Feature: sanity check on how many uTP connections we allow

- Feature: retry http connection when host resolves into multiple ips and the first fails

-- 2012-05-17: Version 3.2 beta (build 27239)

- Fix: Improperly formatted torrent vote messages

-- 2012-05-17: Version 3.2 beta (build 27237)

- Fix: Only request IPv4 addresses for udp tracker DNS resolution

- Fix: (potentially) 3 different crashes

-- 2012-05-15: Version 3.2 beta (build 27226)

- Fix: Bad outgoing request_peer DHT message when filename length over 100

- Change: uTP now uses a retransmit counter rather than a timer for killing connections with packet loss.

- Fix: Fixed not sending MTU probes.

- Fix: fixed savedir issue for magnet links that was resolved in the add torrent dialog

- Fix: possible deadlock when reporting a hang

- Change: Do torrent deletes before other kinds of work

-- 2012-05-11: Version 3.2 beta (build 27215)

- Fix: force-started magnet links would be stopped after metadata was received

- Fix: top crash

-- 2012-05-10: Version 3.2 beta (build 27198)

- Fix: remove bad asserts

- Feature: add mark of the web to files we download (diskio.mark_of_the_web)

-- 2012-05-09: Version 3.2 beta (build 27191)

- Fix: issue where uTorrent would not make outgoing connections under certain circumstances

- Fix: magnet links would not have a correct added-on date

- Change: rewritten UPnP code backported from 3.3

-- 2012-05-07: Version 3.2 beta (build 27180)

- Fix: memory leaks

- Fix magnet related crash in Add torrent dialog

- Fix: possible crashes

- Fix: disable check for updates while we are installing or downloading plus to avoid problems

-- 2012-05-01: Version 3.2 beta (build 27138)

- Fix: deadlock

-- 2012-04-30: Version 3.2 beta (build 27133)

- Fix: possible hang on shutdown (disk thread would exit prematurely)

- Fix: top crash from previous build

- Fix: status bar wouldn't show when plus key was about to expire

- Fix: µTorrent would warn about magnet links with DHT disabled on every startup

-- 2012-04-26: Version 3.2 beta (build 27119)

- Fix: various webui backend fixes

- Fix: various pairing issues

-- 2012-04-23: Version 3.2 beta (build 27097)

- Fix: Fixes to parsing the following filetypes: MKV, AVI, mp3

- Fix: Update AV license key and add UI to handle virus definition update fail

- Change: update MIME type for *.mp4, *.m4a

- Fix: Recognize jpeg extension

- Fix: Fix uTP delay graph

- Feature: Magnet link preload in "Add torrent" dialog

- Change: Report utorrent version on port 10000 (webui)

- Fix: UI fix to built in player bottom bar

- Fix: Picking "Show In Folder" on a transcoded torrent now works.

- Fix: Add torrent window now remembers its location.

- Fix: paths would be wrong with magnet links in Add Torrent dialog

- Fix: several crashes

- Feature: add What's New app

- Feature: add device unpairing dialog to settings

-- 2012-04-09: Version 3.2 beta (build 27026)

- Fix: one more case where settings.dat could grow indefinitely

Existing settings.dat are broken. Please delete settings.dat and settings.dat.old from your settings directory.

-- 2012-04-06: Version 3.2 beta (build 27020)

- Fix: rapidly growing settings.dat

- Fix: fix issue that could make settings.dat grow indefinitely (slowly)

- Fix: top crash from previous build

-- 2012-03-30: Version 3.2 beta (build 26986)

- Fix: crash while loading converted media files at startup

- Change: WebUI port now accepts https

- Change: installer refactored for cleaner code

- Fix: the top crash from the previous build

-- 2012-03-22: Version 3.2 beta (build 26934)

- Fix: the DHT enable dialog when adding magnet links that require it now also sets "use DHT for new torrents"

- Change: DHT is automatically enabled for magnet links that requires it, when torrents are added silently

- Fix: fixed toolbar for RSS feeds

- Fix: fixed crash when adding torrents in plus mode

- Change: clean up semantics around download location. The download location is now the root folder, independent on multifile torrent or not

- Fix: improved the speed of loading a torrent with a large number of files

- Fix: shutdown hang introduced in 3.2 beta

- Fix: toolbar didn't update while no torrents pane showed up

-- 2012-03-20: Version 3.2 beta (build 26904)

- Fix: fixed very long btapp descriptions from overflowing permissions dialog

- Feature: Warn when adding a trackerless magnet link and DHT is disabled

- Fix: fixed bug where torrents would sometimes not move files or execute commands upon finishing

- Fix: Fix crashes caused by media state callback conflicting with changes to media tree

-- 2012-03-15: Version 3.2 beta (build 26883)

- Fix: Disable "Can't connect to Remote" messages.

- Fix: fixed shutdown hang with active UDP trackers

- Fix: improve error messages around transcoding

-- 2012-03-12: Version 3.2 beta (build 26850)

- Fix: Missing upload slot when extra uploads is on

- Fix: Dialog tab orders

- Fix: fixed auto-copying files to devices/iTunes while they are being downloaded

- Feature: Display allocating status of torrents

- Fix: fixed save dir column not being updated

-- 2012-03-09: Version 3.1.3 stable (build 26837)

- Fix: Stop anti-virus updating when there is a error

- Change: show info tab by default (instead of files tab)

- Change: show seeds/peers, completed on and added on columns by default

- Fix: fixed bug where locally created torrents would fail to transcode

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Known Issues (@Build 27568) :

Fixed/To be fixed:

(-1 To be fixed Later: crash when running "setup-guide"->speed-test twice [96,will be fixed in the next stable release])

(-7 To be fixed Later: The Upload limiter breaks down when set to *include* overhead, and the download-induced-overhead exceeds the set limit [116, will be fixed in the next stable release] )

Not fixed:

-- 2012-07-04: Version 3.2 Release (build 27568)

-4 Not Fixed: auto-downloading tracker-less magnets from RSS will not auto-enable DHT, and will never download [114]

-6 Not Fixed: uTP delay graph is broken (in the negative territory, and huge delay value on the Y axis ... ) [92]

-8 Not Fixed: Issues with "Add magnet" dialog:

--b"Add to top of queue" checkbox - not working (seems always set to #1 in the q) [131/133]

--d Sometimes a queue # is being displayed after a very long time.

--e For a multiple file torrent it does not use the subfolder "name" at all , thus - the result is a wrong target root-subfolder name. [134, confirmed only in 3.2.1]

-9 Not Fixed: A status of a seeding torrent - is not being updated when "Initial seeding" is being checked/unchecked during seeding time [124]

-15 Not Fixed: Labels edited/changed via the RSS downloader dialog - are being lost in the system and are not visible in the main view->labels column. Also, editing an existing label is not being globally modified. Plus, if only one file is labeled - "x" , removing (unchecking) that label from this file render it - lost forever... [127]

-16 Not Fixed: Poor PartFile processing causes performance issues (Disk IO, Speed) at high speeds. [118]

-18 Not Fixed: Waiting magnets are not being noticed as active in "exit or standby after DL complete". [135]

-20 Not Fixed: For magnets - a newly added "always stop" behavior after metadata arrives makes it impossible to auto-download magnets manually or from RSS w/o "babysitting" them and pressing start when they are done with the metadata... http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=671634#p671634 [114]

-21 When running utorrent.exe (w/o a local copy of settings.dat) from a path that is not on drive c: - utorrent always activate the installer dialogs even if the settings files are already installed (located) in %appdata%\utorrent [136]

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What was the reason to split "Save in" field in "Add new torrent" dialog to "Save in" and "Name"? I thought at first that "Name" means "Name of torrent"...

It's really annoying that you change the order of fields in dialogs. In v2, to get to "Label" field you had to press Tab 4 times. In 3.1 - Shift-Tab 2 times. Now - Tab 6 times. Remember that some users prefer to use keyboard, not mouse!

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Major "Save In" folder/path bug.


say I download a torrent named "nameone".

utorrent will suggest I download it to folder "C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\torrents\"

say I download a torrent named "nametwo", shortly AFTER I decided to download the first one.

This time utorrent will suggest I download it to folder "C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\torrents\nameone"

and it gets progressively worse.

next torrent will be downloaded into:

"C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\torrents\nameone\nametwo"... etc

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Let's assume that we have completed torrent named "Torrent1" in C:\Torrent1. We stop it (status changes to Finished), then rename C:\Torrent1 to C:\Torrent2, then rename torrent from "Torrent1" to "Torrent3", then try to start it again. Its status changes to "Moving..." and that's all.

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Question: Is Share getting folded back into the main releases for 3.2, or will that be later/Plus only?

This bug still - I get the following on each program start (note I added the [%AppData%] myself to shorten the lines):

[2012-03-10 10:27:41] File not found during integrity check: [%AppData%]\uTorrent\resume.dat

[2012-03-10 10:27:41] File not found during integrity check: [%AppData%]\uTorrent\resume.dat.new

[2012-03-10 10:27:41] File not found during integrity check: [%AppData%]\uTorrent\resume.dat.old

This happens even though resume.enable_resume_dir = *true, and more importantly resume.dir_only = *true.

Also, the "V8 Bundle" messages are back? Hadn't received them for awhile since 3.1 beta...

And how is "Name" a welcome addition to the Add Torrent dialog? If someone can't figure out that the filename goes at the end of the filepath, then honestly...

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Let's assume that we have completed torrent named "Torrent1" in C:\Torrent1. We stop it (status changes to Finished), then rename C:\Torrent1 to C:\Torrent2, then rename torrent from "Torrent1" to "Torrent3", then try to start it again. Its status changes to "Moving..." and that's all.
Sorry my bug report wasn't precise. Status changes to "Moving..." after we change download location to C:\Torrent2 (download location hasn't been actually changed at that - on Info tab we're seeing old location). After pressing Start status changes to "Invalid".

I should add that then I have tried to stop the torrent, renamed torrent to "Torrent2" and changed its location to C:\Torrent2. Its status remained "Moving..." - I was forced to restart uT to change it. After I did that I discovered that torrent's content was finally moved to C:\Torrents3. But anyway, why its status was "Moving..." for so long? The old and new folders are both on the same logical drive.

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nobody? plz if there's anything to fix this then tell me.

Yes, there is. Start downloading and the files will show up in a few seconds. Then select what you like.

I guess the devs are trying to improve on that ...

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Yes, there is. Start downloading and the files will show up in a few seconds. Then select what you like.

I guess the devs are trying to improve on that ...

Yay , it worked :D . but if the torrent started i can't select a specific thing , it will download the whole torrent

or is there a way to select things while you're already downloading?

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