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3.4.x Beta


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All new release logs for betas can be found here from today on. (6/12/2014)
-- 2014-06-12: Version 3.4.2 Beta (build 31772)
- Includes all fixes from latest stable build
- Fixed: Show IPs when Peers Tab "Resolve IP" feature is unchecked

-- 2014-06-12: Version 3.4.2 Beta (build 31745)
- Includes all fixes from latest stable build
- Changed: Beta clients now connect to a beta bundles page server

-- 2014-06-06: Version 3.4.2 Beta (build 31645)
- Jun/06/2014  - Fix crash at startup when refreshing RSS feeds
-- 2014-06-05: Version 3.4.2 Beta (build 31623)
- Jun/05/2014  - Issues updating RSS feeds
-- 2014-06-04: Version 3.4.2 Beta (build 31615)
- Jun/03/2014 - Remove IPV6 argument to trackers
- May/28/2014 - Fix: Update comment and "creation date" and “completed on” fields in "Info" Tab

-- 2014-05-22: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 31405)
- May/22/2014 - Fixed regression with labeled torrent counts when deleting torrents
- May/22/2014 - Trackers tab updates seeds/peers and status message
- May/20/2014 - Fix: Resolve antivirus compatibility issues
- May/20/2014 - Fix: Added information dialog after clicking on Help->Download Translation
- May/20/2014 - Fix: Duplicate entries would appear when setting a file to "Don't Download" in the Files Tab
-- 2014-05-20: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 31356)
- May/16/2014 - Fix: Trackers tab context menu item state refreshes on option toggle
- May/16/2014 - Disable changelog menu item
- May/15/2014 - Fix regression in labels feature
- May/15/2014 - Fix display problem of “mu” in some UIs
- May/15/2014 - Fix a crash when removing trackers with confirmation dialog enabled
- May/15/2014 - Change: client now indicates non-stableness with a 'B' e.g. -UT341B- in Peer ID 
- May/14/2014 - Fix a crash when writing resume file for torrent with no metadata
-- 2014-05-14: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 31274)
- May/13/2014 - Fix a crash when rendering Files Tab pieces graph
- May/12/2014 - Fix leak when torrent have piece caches
- May/12/2014 - Fix crash parsing malformed DHT messages
- May/9/2014  - Fix copy ctor of comment_item
- May/8/2014  - Fix leak when caching torrent info
- This is the first good build with a huge behind-the-scenes change to how we update the Torrent UI elements from the network thread. The client should be much smoother to interact with when many torrents are loaded and active.
-- 2014-05-13: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 31224)
- no changelog

-- 2014-04-29: Version 3.4.1 RC (build 30971)
- Fix: Tab refreshing issue
- Fix: Parsing crash
-- 2014-04-26: Version 3.4.1 RC (build 30946)
- Fix: Files tab crash
- Fix: Torrent file info cleanup at shutdown
- Fix: Compact allocation crash
- Fix: Tabs sometimes display stale data when torrent is deleted
-- 2014-04-22: Version 3.4.1 RC (build 30916)
- Fix: Multiple crashes
- Fix: performance improvements
- Fix: Shutdown crash
- Fix: Files Tab context menu
- Fix: Memory leak when dragging items in the Files Tab
- Fix: Crash when downloading in Compact Allocation mode.
- Fix: RSS feed items not updated and wrong icons displayed in the antivirus column
-- 2014-04-21: Version 3.4.1 RC (build 30902)
- no changelog
-- 2014-04-05: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30783)
- no changelog
-- 2014-03-27: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30746)
- Fix: Download button not updating when adding magnet links
- Fix: Crash when handling responses from certain web peers
-- 2014-03-24: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30724)
- Fix: Crash on install
-- 2014-03-23: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30722)
- no changelog
-- 2014-03-21: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30716)
* Fix: RSS item loading issue
-- 2014-03-19: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30703)
* Remove SSE instructions in binary
* Fix: Deadlock when adding trackerless torrents with DHT turned off 
* Fix: Heap corruption, and possible crash at startup
-- 2014-03-18: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30690)
* Fix: Better handling for unicode strings in the  WebUI
* Fix: assert crash when updating to new version
* Change: recognize mkv as "media" files (utorrent internals)
* Fix: remove Application associations under FileExts registry key
-- 2014-03-13: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30662)
- Change: Support SSE processors and up (remove SSE2 instructions)
-- 2014-03-10: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30657)
- Fix: favicons for search providers would not refresh
-- 2014-03-08: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30636)
- no changelog
-- 2014-02-25: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30615)
- no changelog
-- 2014-02-21: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30611)
- no changelog
-- 2014-02-21: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30606) (link below)
- Improvements to the disk congestion and disk flushing algorithm.
- Fix double accounting of writes to cache in statistical displays.
-- 2014-02-14: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30594)
- no changelog
-- 2014-02-11: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30583)
- no changelog
-- 2014-02-08: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30557)
- no changelog

-- 2014-02-06: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30552)
- no changelog

-- 2014-01-28: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30519)
- no changelog
-- 2014-01-21: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30499)
- Fix: CPU use when seeding / downloading via uTP

-- 2014-01-21: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30498)
- Test: find crash rate with and without bundles splash page

-- 2014-01-17: Version 3.4.1 Beta (build 30495)
- Potential Fix: CPU use when seeding / downloading via uTP

Disk Congestion Build 36813 (as of Dec 4, 2014)
This is a special build off the 3.4.2 36802 stable branch for users experiencing "Disk Overloaded" issues.
If (and only if) you are experiencing "Disk Overloaded" issues please try this beta and let us know how it performs for your configuration.
Important: When reporting issues with this build please include the following information in your message:
Build: 3.4.1 30606
Operating System: 
Download location & disk/filesystem characteristics:
Internet connection speed D/U:
Build 3.4.1 30606
Operating System: Windows 7 x64
Download Location: Internal SDD Samsung 840, NTFS
Internet: 10/5 mbps

- All changes from 36802
- Close handles to individual files when done
- Fix reference leak
- Track fenced jobs through disabled FileStorages
- Do not delay jobs when coalescing and force_flush is set.
- Fix bug checking cache immediate write flag
- Fix bug calculating lower DiskIO watermark
- Remove unnecessary cache recalculating when checking for job readiness
- Improvements to the disk congestion and disk flushing algorithm.
- Fix double accounting of writes to cache in statistical displays.


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Yay! Our very own thread :)

Ok, first issue to be posted - kind of odd - in copying over my resume and creating a new settings.dat, I am seeing DL speeds >4kB/s for titles that are 100% seeded. They're not consistent, and fluctuate a lot, but it's still strange - if ALL of the file has been downloaded, why would ANY more still transfer? (and no, there were NO skipped files that would account for this)


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My 'still open' issues-list for 3.4.X... Test/confirm/dispute if you will. Anything missing?

Green = fixed (all below "Archived/Fixed items" )

3.4.6 Stable Build 42178


High Priority

4a Users are *loosing* all their settings when upgrading/installing from an older "standalone"  non-%appdata%\utorrent location.

4g GUI: Main-view does not initialize scrolled up focused to the top-line (tested when RSS is enabled) [18-Dec-2014]

4.h .!ut suffix in files is not being removed when DLing multi file torrent as soon as they are done.

4.i New disk cache management - fills up the cache and freezes the download right after starting DLing (only on some torrents). ["Pre-allocate" option is to blame, filing with zeros...  , just disable it]

4.j "Move  files/.torrent after completion" does not work [12-Apr-2016]


Medium Priority


4c Cannot stop  "Checking..." torrent


4.e RSS: [build 32080+, http://alturl.com/3j8nf

- 3 In RSS favorites tab - both feeds and labels drop down lists are not sorted. In "Labels" preference too. Sames goes for RSS feeds/cat. pane [updated 13-Oct]

- 12.o In categories' pane - Feeds list is not sorted

- 10 RSS smart-episodes filter fails for episodes > 100


5 Weird issue with *search filter* -  Does not activate the correct search link when separators (space lines) are being used  (seems like search list separators break the indexing... )

5a. Transfer Cap graph crashes the system when reach the limit. Cap reset does not resume downloads


11 Alternate<->upload rate limit cycles when seeding & no DLs. [Shirt-F2->Advanced ul_rate_download_tres - default - 0 should be set to 20...]

12 Setup guide open-port test is broken - not working w/o uPnP | PMP . Also, not displaying the proper nearby site


12.g Tracker tab related issues:

     - Disable/enable DHT/PEX/LPD does not update on the context menu unless you de/re-select the torrent





Lower Priority

16 Broken %F parameter for "Run Program when DL complete" in multi-files torrent (non blank)

17 Net Status icon does not show blocked port correctly (when DHT is on)

22 *Replacing* a primary<->secondary labels does not work

28 Mouse hovering display above columns' partial texts is broken (not showing the full name)

31 No .torrent file location info (info tab)

33 Incomplete "Change destination folder" text in dialogue (should include the whole path)

37 Create Torrent->"Other" options->"Start seeding" is not being persistent / saved between sessions

38 Ctrl-C in the main view is not copying the torrent-name(s) of the selected torrents  to clipboard.

39  "&" symbol does not show up in torrent names in the main view, nor in RSS view

40 Pref.->Labels: There is no way to change the default paths for the 3 default Labels : Video/Documents/Audio

44. Search box is gone when starting up w/o tool bar and then enabling it (F4)

45. Logger->Dump DHT buckets/tracked - do not work

49. Last "Restore" screen size is not saved after 'Maximizing' ans re-starting

52. Start (Seeding) after "Force Start" will never stops per time goal


Archived/Fixed items

1 *"Disk Overload"* issue - just shows *wrong INDICATION*/throttling when there is none [build 30606]

2 *High CPU load* when downloading/seeding with either uTP or high speed (reaches 100%!)

2a *High CPU load* when seeding with TCP

3 Categories #s/counters are not synced (jobs are not all visible). Same goes for labels.

4b Item names in RSS feeds in main view - are not being updated when scanned.

7 Flushing/"End game" is broken - with weird statuses/states after high speed Downloading

9 Tree-view inside the "Add Torrent" dialogue is broken

12b Download toolbar button is inactive when a newly added magnet is being selected, if sorted at the top of the list

12.d Seeding goal time-ETA is broken. Set goal time is not being counted-down when the torrent is not *actively* seeding

12.f peers->Resolve IP is broken. Host names are not reverted to IPs when enable and then disabled

13 Junk text in "force recheck" status

18 *Making uTP connections with itself*... Also, gibberish client ID being logged.

19 "scanned" column in Files' tab is not persistent

23 Names in the RSS main view do not refresh when the feed updates

24 "F6" (show/toggle status bar) does not work

26 Second-column sorting is broken

34 *"Add torrent" dialogue* is not enabled as default

4.f Labels counters still are not synced (jobs are not all visible) after deleting torrent jobs

4.d The mainview display (RSS and in general) seems to be flickering during some refresh events (like maybe RSS updates?). Seems as if it has been forgotten to take the sort order/column into account, and always refresh in alphabetical order, then switch back to the current order...

12.e Manually RSS->update (large rss.dat) while fast downloading - hangs uT /CPU-100% [still  loads CPU, but is only temporary now]

12a IPFilter is broken. Seems to read only the first line in the file...

25 Twitter/Facebook icons are not being removed after clicking [New feature].

42. Ratings tab - garbage in background when moving from another tab

43. Pieces tab->Availability is always 0

4e - RSS "Enable feed" context menu item - missing (cannot enable any feed)

30 "When adding torrent" - some *UI options are not working* ...

5 Weird issue with *search filter* and icons: filter "string", then search - "string" leaves the main view - filtered.[can unlock when changing the filter string]

- 2a Newly added RSS feeds are not viewable (overlap older ones) [13-Oct-13]

- 1 RSS feeds' auto-scans are not always being activated on startup. Seems to never being activated when Windows starts it. [updated 30-Oct]

- 2 RSS first scan - sometimes fails reading some feeds (timing out) [18-Dec-14]

12.c  Torrent selection/focus is lost when changing queue position using the "v ^" buttons (when sorted by q# - makes the  UI for changing q# very inconvenient). Focus selection  is also lost when sorting any other column. [18-Dec-14]

12.k Categories pane  width is not being preserved between sessions when near the minimum width (<200) [18-Dec-14]

12.n Labels' context menu order is reversed (as well as in other drop down lists - like "Add torrent" dialog or RSS.[18-Dec-14]

46. Some advanced->feature_content_* options are self-enabling after a few hours.[18-Dec-14]

4 Write cache amount is double than expected (see speed->cache-stats->write cache) [fixed: build 30606, broken again, fixed again 40580 27-Jun-2015 ]

4c Cannot stop a seeding "red" torrent, "connecting", "queued"  [27-Jun-2015]

4f  Client is irresponsive under various use-cases mainly - when multiple downloads are in progress [27-Jun-2015]

4g GUI: Categories view F12/compact is broken - large spacing between sub-nodes in labels/RSS-feeds. [27-Jun-2015]

- 5a RSS right-click "update feeds" when in the main view -  switches to  RSS/blank view and shows "resize" dialog sometimes [27-Jun-2015]

- 5 RSS completely unresponsive and  when 'updating' RSS  feeds when downloading at high speed [9-Jul-2015]

- 5a RSS right-click "update feeds" when in the main view - freezes for a few seconds the main view [9-Jul-2015]

12.g Tracker tab related issues: [27-Jun-2015]

     - Trackers-tab->delete (using <del> key) is not removing the tracker from the list (but does delete it)

     - Adding a tracker does not show in the list unless to de-select and re-select it

8 *'Move download after completion' is broken*. Sometimes the file "disappears", or not moving. Might be relate to  using of network drives. [9-Jul-2015]

12.h Copy selected hosts in peers->Resolve IP is broken. Host names are being copied not reverted to IPs when resolve IP is enabled and then  disabled . See 12f) [9-Jul-2015]

12.i Copy peers list  is broken. Lines are not separated by CR, and port # is not removed. Same goes  for selected hosts list [9-Jul-2015]

12.j (4.e) Wrong upload speeds when  taking  currently active download overheads into account [9-Jul-2015]

12.l uTorrent auto-scrolls  on startup to RSS feeds node when this node is being expanded [9-Jul-2015]

12.m Enable uTP limit - not working properly . needs restart [seems that it applies only to active seeding torrents, not new ones, so not a big deal  9-Jul-2015]

14 RSS added-on time is not displayed sometimes (GMT/day-stamp) [18-July-15]

27 Skipped files are not always stored in partfile [21-July-15]

29 Delete-confirm dialog does not always include the comment entry box (mistakenly using the multi-select-delete dialogue) [21-July-15]

32 Audio format for media files is seldom being displayed (@files tab)[21-July-15]

35 Partfile is not being delete when "removing" a torrent-job (with skipped files) [as designed 21-July-15]

41. Force-recheck after deleting AND skipping an already downloaded torrent/file - recreates it even if "use partfile" is set [21-July-15]

47. Trackers' tab is not being updated when adding trackers [21-July-15]

48. Output to Logger tab is not processed after initialization (when not selecting anything)[21-July-15]

50. Ctrl-shift-F2-advanced->show_plus_upsell_nodes option is self-enabling after re-start[18-Aug-15]

6 In Label preferences/settings the "-" (delete) does not work in "Label->directory mapping". [12-Apr-2016]

13. After resuming the PC from sleep, all traffic seems slow, almost dead. (disable/enable Bandwidth->limit uTP - seems to help to resolve this).  [12-Apr-2016]

14. Status text fields on Status Bar - are too short [12-Apr-2016]

36 Rating "system" seems not functional ?! Comments that are added - are not all visible [12-Apr-2016]

51. Ctrl-shift-F2-advanced->offers.upgrade_toolbar option is self-enabling after re-start [12-Apr-2016]

4 RSS feeds Aliases/names  (in RSS errors) in the logger, as well as first char in RSS History feed name/URL  - are gibberish [11-Sep-16]

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bt.enable_tracker - it is still necessary? :/

http://www.bittorrent.org/beps/bep_0040.html - stupid :mad:

If the client is and the peer is


country: JO

address: Amman, Jordan

country: DE

address: Koeln

please, add "NAT traversal" support


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Still getting that damned "Add RSS Feed" prompt - even with a "clean" settings file - I can't remove the settings file, as then it would configure it to use the Apps\ folder and not the stand-alone folder.

VERY frustrating!

I even tried a settings file from an OLD copy of uT from WAY before I ever encountered this issue.

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Yay! Our very own thread :)

Ok, first issue to be posted - kind of odd - in copying over my resume and creating a new settings.dat, I am seeing DL speeds >4kB/s for titles that are 100% seeded. They're not consistent, and fluctuate a lot, but it's still strange - if ALL of the file has been downloaded, why would ANY more still transfer? (and no, there were NO skipped files that would account for this)


Hi DeathStalker,

That represents protocol overhead - just communicating with other clients:

"hi - do you have this piece?"

"yes I do"


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@AdamK - is there an option to turn off that display?

There are two options for you:

1. Disable displaying overheads gui.graph_overhead' date=' OR

2. Include overheads as part of the rate limiter, [i']Bandwidth ->[x] Apply rate limit to transport overhead

Well the 1st only takes into account the GRAPH, and I have no speed limitations places, so the 2nd doesn't work either.

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Ok, STOP button does not work, but rt click PAUSE does. Annoying.

Additionally, this build appears to "hammer" some trackers. Serious.

For example, I get the "Hammering" error on the last few builds of 3.4.1, but I can run 2.2.1 at the same time and have NO PROBLEM at all.

Getting there, but this MUST get fixed .....

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Hi, guys. I have seen a few posts from a while back but none of them answer my question.

How can one select a few torrents in the list and move them to one location without getting a dialog box for each selected item? This will certainly make things a lot easier.


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@rafi: Just wanted to let you know that your link to "known issues" directs to downloading uTorrent.

But seems still quite a lot of issues at hand before making the upgrade from 3.2 to 3.4/3.4.1

No kidding, they need to take this project a lot more seriously, I have my doubts that even 3.4.1 will be worth upgrading to, honestly watching this snails pace development is excruciating.

For anyone after a headerless (run as a service) client with uTorrent like WebUI, look at Hadouken! I suspect I'll be changing over to this client at some stage. I'll say It's amazing how much even one man who actually is not even working full time on his client can do a better job than the pleb/s at Bittorrent Inc.

I don't know why most of you even invest so much effort posting about this client when the developer doesn't seem to respect it enough to post proper updates or even connect with the community let alone create a stable product. Personally I'd wish all of you here just moved on to something else and let Bittorrent sort out/test it's own product and then maybe they'll either take it seriously or it can just die.

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