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WebUI v0.361 ready for testing


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After one year of "intense coding" we have an updated WebUI for you. This could/should have come earlier, my apologies. You should be running µTorrent 1.8.1.

Download: webui.zip

I recommend right-clicking, clicking "Save link/target as..." and then entering webui.zip OR you can rename the file to webui.zip after you've downloaded it. (timestamps were added to prevent browsers from serving cached versions)


v0.361 (2008-09-03)

~ Changed: #38 ("Remove" toolbar button and keyboard Delete button now respect gui.default_del_action)

~ Changed: Label menu no longer shows a separator if no there are no existing labels

~ Changed: Menus weren't hidden in some situations where they should have been

~ Changed: More areas of WebUI translated

~ Changed: "Max rows per page" now limited to at least 5 (2008-09-04)

* Fixed: #36 (Turning on "Limit upload when seeding goal reached" not working)

* Fixed: #37 ([ IE ] Stuck on "Loading...")

* Fixed: #41 (Bullet not shown in the Label menu for the selected torrent's current label)

* Fixed: [ FF3 ] Deselection of torrents in various situations where they shouldn't be deselected

* Fixed: "Virtual Row Threshold" setting not able to be set from Preferences

* Fixed: More sorting/column issues

* Fixed: WebUI not loading correctly under older versions of µTorrent

* Fixed: [ IE ] Column alignment issues (2008-09-04)

* Fixed: Torrent properties checkbox issues (2008-09-04)

v0.360 (2008-09-01) [DOWNLOAD]

+ Added: #25 (Edit permanent label list)

+ Added: Refresh button for the files table

~ Changed: #14 (Reverse Proxy Port ignored)

~ Changed: #32 ("Dialog windows" should move to front when shown)

~ Changed: Fields in the General tab that don't have information removed for now

~ Changed: Label entry field highlighted on display in the New Label dialog

~ Changed: Toolbar tooltips translated

* Fixed: #5 (Sort arrow in the wrong direction)

* Fixed: #6 (General tab not translated)

* Fixed: #8 (Sorting not dynamic)

* Fixed: #9 (Wrong bugtracker URL in the About popup)

* Fixed: #12 ([ IE7 ] Z-Ordering of submenus in the contxt menu)

* Fixed: #13 ([ Opera ] Visual glitch when switching tabs in Opera)

* Fixed: #20 (Add by URL does not work)

* Fixed: #21 (List not updating correctly on torrent add/remove)

* Fixed: #23 ('Show current speed in title bar' has no effect)

* Fixed: #26 (Special characters in existing labels causing creation of new labels on assign)

* Fixed: #27 (Queue column isn't sorted properly)

* Fixed: #29 (Change in file priority not shown)

* Fixed: #30 (Column selection not saving correctly)

* Fixed: #31 (Global upload limit greyed out whem Automatic mode is off)

* Fixed: #33 (Labels not applied to multiple torrents)

* Fixed: #34 (Incorrect data being shown in various columns)

* Fixed: [ FF2 ] Visual glitch in the Advanced preferences

* Fixed: Checkbox toggling broken in Preferences

* Fixed: Label change correctly removes torrent from listview if different label is selected

* Fixed: Negative times displayed in the General tab's Remaining field

v0.350 (2008-08-27)

! Large reworking of WebUI

What's new since v0.310?

From a feature standpoint you won't be seeing anything new. New features will obviously get added soon. At the moment, you can do your basic torrent controlling, but more important features, e.g. setting the folder where downloads should be put in, are unavailable.

- better browser support: IE6+, Firefox, Opera, Safari

- language support: all languages included in the 1.8 langpack are available

- we're now using the excellent MooTools JavaScript Framework to do all the dirty work, which resulted in an improved UI and ultimately IE6 support (of course other JS libraries would have done the same)

- 1.8-compatible *

* The settings dialog has all the important settings that can be set in 1.8 and some of these will be ignored in older version of µTorrent.

Bug tracking will now be handled through Trac. You'll also be able to browse the source and do a svn checkout if you'd like to. A proper licence for the webui files will be added soon. So, bug reports, feature request, patches (for improvements or bug fixes) are very much welcome.

This will be the new readme, which I'll be updating in the next few hours with the known issues the WebUI is suffering from.

For older versions of µTorrent (< 1.8) download webui.legacy.zip

Happy Testing,

WebUI Team

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This new version is great! Thanks for all the hard work. :)

May I ask how the "Show current speed in the title bar" option is going to work? It doesn't seem to do anything just yet, but I would love it if it meant the page title could somehow show the current speeds, much like the main app does on the task bar.

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Yeah soz I simply removed my current webui.zip and updated through µTorrent but that didn't get this version :)


It looks great!

Issue 1: Fixed

Can't make tickets on Trac.

TICKET_VIEW privileges are required to perform this operation on Ticket #None

Issue 2: Fixed in 3.60

Reverse Proxy Port

By using the reverse proxy functionality of the webui you can host the webui on your port 80 website while the webui is actually hosted on a different port in µTorrent.

However after changing settings the webui port is added to the url circumventing the Apache reverse proxy.

So http://domain.com/gui/ gets turned into http//domain.com:12345/gui/ when you change settings.

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my mozilla 3.0.1 and IE7 both are stuck on loading too. It's stuck then i refresh browser page several time

if you start webui first time and try run in guest mode it not run :(

clear cookie and pass in your browser

if first start webui in admin mode - first ask pass, second screen will be blank screen, try refresh again and again - it will start admin gui

if now you run in guest it run perfect

but if i clear cookie and pass again and try to run in guest mode - it not run

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Nice work, I love the new design, although I seem to have found one fairly major problem (at least for me anyway)... Enabling the scheduler via the Webui doesn't seem to work. I have tested this in Firefox 3 as well as IE7 (with uTorrent 1.8) and enabling the scheduler just doesn't kick in. If you enable the scheduler and click Ok, and re-enter the settings, it shows it as enabled still, but if you refresh the browser and then reenter the settings the scheduler is NOT enabled... Oh also, disabling the scheduler seems to work, just enabling it doesn't.

Hope you can fix this, as I often enable the scheduler via the Webui!

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This is what i get on utorrent 1.7.7 + webui 0.350 running windows xp sp3. Happens on FF 3.0.1 and Opera 9.51. IE just shows a blank page


It this not compatible on other versions of utorrent? Can't use 1.8 cause there is a nasty windows crash bug while using remote desktop

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Hey guys, great new version!

However I have 2 small cosmetic issues. (I use IE7 on XP SP3 and latest uto beta.)

1st, the columns "don't remember" user arrangements and upon restarting WebUI, column customization is lost.

2nd, the bottom scroll bar (for General, Files, Logger) is useless, please remove it!

WebUI after my column customization:


(you notice left-most column is "#", also there is no scroll bar)

After WebUI restarting:


The column customization is lost! :/

Please try to fix if possible ;)

Thank you very much.


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