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No, it has more than 2 leechers. I am 100% positive it's a tracker issue, not µTorrent issue.

I give you right in one thing (user9475); this bug occurs when there are relatively few seeds. Examples taken directly from the site:

Seeds: 35 Leechers: 4,294,967,294

Seeds: 22 Leechers: 4,294,967,294


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People, 65535 is the largest number you can express with 16 binary digits... that's why it's familiar (largest port number, integer, etc, since those values are expressed in two bytes).

Perhaps displays of >65535 peers wrap around...

Wrap around? In that case, wouldn't they be a random number which is 65535 * x less than the real number of peers?

Leechers: 4,294,967,294

No way! half of the people on Earth leech ahah

Since there are only 4,294,967,296 IPv4 addresses available, I guess there are two people who haven't jumped on the torrent yet :P

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