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µTorrent 2.2 released


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µTorrent 2.2 is the newest major version of the client with several improvements and new features to improve the user experience. Take a look at the release notes.

Download it here!

Release Notes

We've added some new features to 2.2 improve the torrenting experience!

  • Apps for µTorrent
  • New skinning format*
  • Password-protected boss key
  • Global run-command feature on torrent completion/state change
  • UDP proxying for SOCKS5
  • Proxy privacy features
  • Improved set download location/relocate feature (now moves files for you)
  • Show add torrent dialog for magnet links
  • Add option to pause torrents when user activity is detected on the computer

*If you prefer the old 2.0.4 icons, download the µTorrent 2.0.4 skin. Simply download and double click, or drag and drop onto µTorrent's window.


-- 2011-02-15: Version 2.2 (build 24683)

- replaced Beyond the Game app with sick of sarah promotion

-- 2011-01-28: Version 2.2 (build 24402)

- Change: added new "Beyond the game" movie promo to installer

- Fix: Copy and paste in File list view fixed. (ctrl-A, ctrl-C, ctrl-V)

- Fix: privacy checkbox in general settings would have multiline text

-- 2010-12-14: Version 2.2 (build 23774)

- Change: Add new Pioneer One promo

- Change: Switch app dialog permission icon from error to question

-- 2010-12-10: Version 2.2 (build 23703)

- Change: minor installer changes

- Fix: speed test sometimes closed sockets twice

- Fix: Ctrl+C copy in files tab

-- 2010-11-17: Version 2.2 (build 23235)

- Fix: store checked for updates too often

- Change: Remove Four-Eyed Monsters promo

-- 2010-11-10: Version 2.2 (build 23071)

- Change: unknown app install warning

-- 2010-11-09: Version 2.2 (build 23056)

- Fix: search box flickers when it should be hidden

-- 2010-11-08: Version 2.2 RC6 (build 23018)

- Change: disable (buggy) PMTUD

- Fix: fixed exploit with open containing folder

-- 2010-11-04: Version 2.2 RC5 (build 22982)

- Fix: on XP the sidebar thought it was wider than it was in certain cases

- Change: undo UTF-8 change for App names

-- 2010-11-04: Version 2.2 RC4 (build 22966)

- Fix: handle single file torrents better when manually typing a path on the add torrent dialog

- Change: Use UTF-8 for App names

-- 2010-11-03: Version 2.2 RC3 (build 22942)

- Fix: autoupdating fails sometimes

- Fix: reduce the amount of erroneous hang reports

- Change: always show persistent labels in sidebar

- Fix: in install of first app the apps node was not expanded (win7)

- Change: stop downloading icon now a stop sign

- Fix: reduce occurence of gui hangs when updating systray

- Change: Set download location now changes the torrent directory name on a multifile torrent.

- Change: switch from find pane to download pane when a torrent is added

- Change: revert new choker to old one, restore upload slot settings

-- 2010-10-22: Version 2.2 RC2 (build 22732)

- Fix: try to improve new upload choker

- Fix: run command wouldn't trigger on downloading->finished state change

- Fix: tell explorer to reload app icon on client update

-- 2010-10-18: Version 2.2 RC1 (build 22626)

- Change: allow more room for upload/download rates in status bar

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When playing content (eg an album of audio files) from a window with a list of torrents (when you press Play), played only the first file. That is, played only a single media file, while more logical to play the entire file list. (Sorry for bad english).

So it should be or is this a bug?


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Thank goodness for the 2.04 .btskin! Checking or unchecking Use fine grained file priorities while downloading files seems to temporarily hang. Logger confirms.

.. I can't believe I had to set up my columns again btw .. I would have thought you worked a way around this by now .. like having variable names within the settings file so it's still parsable by future versions for example, off the top of my head.

Otherwise, everything's looking great (now that I disabled all that btapp stuff and hid it ;))

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Looks smooth to me and I have all global rate limit options unchecked, for what that's worth. Not seeing that spiking whatsoever with my usual slow-poke torrents, so I grabbed the slackware and oo test torrents and now i'm just seeing disk overloaded issues, soooooo that's just great.

Edit: Seems to have cleared up after a couple of hangs.. Gotta say, the number of hangs I'm seeing in the Logger is a bit excessive for something purported to be a release candidate.

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Guys, utorrent is a good app. But i have just intalled the RC and I was surprised to see this ugly icon in my taskbar (program and taskbar icons only). Are you really keeping this icon ? I think you can do better than that, it is even not a true icon. Also in Windows 7 explorer, change the view setting... :( Please get us a nice icon. Design in also important!

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Does anyone here cares at all that the Path MTU discovery will work reasonably correct on this version ?


For it to work properly, you should:

- set the starting / largest packet size to ~1500 as was before

- change the size to find & fit the exact path MTU and not in +-300 bytes steps

- set the DF flag as intended and/or at lease NOT split packets any more AFTER finding the path MTU

- find the local MTU (PC, gateway-router) and take it into consideration

Just reproduce my test for that !

How hard can that be ?!

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