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µTorrent 2.2 released


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When using the run command on completion, I think the command runs before utorrent has finished moving the files to the completed directory.

I have a script that I'm executing via on completion. The script copies the DL'ed files to a new location for processing. Some of the files that are copied end up with a file size of zero. I have added some extra logging so I can get some more details but I was curious if anyone could confirm this?

I'm running 3.0 but assume its the same in 2.2 and is more a 2.2 feature than 3.0.


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Just run the new .exe, follow the setup and it will take care of everything for you. All your settings and torrents are automatically kept.

Also "RC" means that it is quite near to the final release, so it is relative safe to use it - of course bugs can (and usually do) always happen (even in final releases).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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