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µTorrent 1.7 beta 2951


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@ Lucifer - thanks for the feed... we discovered a couple cases we did not handle properly, and updated the code accordingly.

@ rafi - I think auto-adding trackers may be undesirable for some, as I have heard there are quirks when doing that with private ratio sites. If anything, it should be an option.

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@Lord Alderaan

>Have you tried deleting the settings.dat file yet (to reset all your settings)? Might be

>something is broken in there. All my µtorrent copies remember their port no-problem. And Firon

ill try that now

edit: nope, still same bug

>meant that maybe the problem is that something is blocking/claiming the port you have set in

>µtorrent and it therefore tries a different port.

that is exactly the situation, I run 'something else' (http server) on the same port from time to time, and utorrent goes nuts when it cant allocate specific listen port, nuts = ignores options

> Although it shouldn't chose a random port but

>give a Red Warning sign in the port status area of the status bar (bottom bar of µtorrent right

>of DHT status).

EXACTLY, it sure feels good at least one person understands that :)

choosing random port is not a crime in itself, but saving that random port (even if its firewalled and utorrrent didn't saw a single packet on it) as a new default listen port is just weird, and definitely a bug.

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And thats exactly what utorrent does for me kokoaroko.

I set utorrent to run on a port taken by another program, it maps the port and gives me a red light with the message listen error. If i leave utorrent on that port, close it, reopen it, it maps that same port again, giving me the red light again. It doesnt try to choose another port.

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how do you get local peer discovery to work? (both using latest beta)

PC1 is windows vista, PC2 is winXP, both in the same workgroup "MSHOME", no firewall installed in both pc.

I also tried to "add peer" option, but only able to see the peer but no priority

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If the torrents don't max your upload speed out, then automatic uplink throttling just won't set the limit too high, and rightfully so -- why should it set a higher limit than it needs if it's on automatic, and periodically checks the network conditions anyway?

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I have disabled the *Don't start the download automatically* option under the Downloads tab and the RSS feeds don't start either. In earlier versions of uT, the RSS downloads used to automatically start. This is not a good thing, as I have a lot of RSS subscriptions and don't wanna check every 5 min. to manually start them, especially when at work. Does it happen to anyone else? Is there a solution?

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Web interface bug:

When you import torrents with web interface you can see torrents only in the web interface in application nothing 0 I have 3 utorent 1.7beta.1703 on 3 different servers and its same bug I am all so using remote desktop for administration and was thinking that's because of remote desktop, it is not.After physical checking I got same result .

Did any 1 report that kind of bug and what's the problem with web interface?

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