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Unrecognized client ID's (May become a danger zone for dialup users)


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eX are probably eXeem clients.

Thanks Animorc, And Thanks Alot Nuts-N-Bolts, Helpful list you put together there!

ill be sure to poke ludde about these.

BB BitBuddy

bk BitKitten (libtorrent)

P87.P--- BitTorrent Plus!

S587Plus BitTorrent Plus!

PRC.P--- BitTorrent Plus! II

BX BittorrentX

BG BTGetit

BS BTSlave

btuga BTugaXP

BTuga BTugaXP

oernu BTugaXP

CT CTorrent

Deadman Walking- Deadman

BTDWV- Deadman Walking

eX eXeem

271- GreedBT 2.7.1

LT libtorrent

lt libtorrent

martini Martini Man

MT MoonlightTorrent

OP Opera

btfans SimpleBT


SS SwarmScope

a00---0 Swarmy

a02---0 Swarmy

T00---0 Teeweety

TN Torrent.NET

TS TorrentStorm

DansClient XanTorrent

XT XanTorrent

I can't believe no one thought of reading the sources of Azureus..:) There's a lot of them in the "BTPeerIDByteDecoder.java" file, including how to identify the different versions.

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