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µTorrent 1.8 released


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"Why does Greedy Torrent no longer work with Utorrent? Never been a problem before, now the proxy connect does not work. Total bummer for those of us in places that don't have 100 or 1000 MB lines and wanna keep our accounts in private sites."

Man, that's lamer software! If you can't upload your ratio to your private tracker, then use the public ones. I work too hard on MY ratio to seed to "hit and run" lamers like you.

Get lost.

(sorry to the admins. This really gets my ass)

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Sorry, yes I will help with the trouble shoot, I was reflecting on my problems, with other problems in mind, nothing to do with Ut, if I can help I will, again I'm sorry for bringing other problems to bear within the forum.......

Ut has always worked very well for me, thanks for the time and effort.


Ok, I just updated from 1.7.7 again to 1.8, it works great again, thankyou. I'm sorry for being negative on the forum, I run a company in Thailand that is about to go tits up, due to to ex PM fucking around with the econemy, and the new PM being a puppet to the old. Next week I have to lay off 20 people and feel like shit because of that, sorry for bringing this to the forum......

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Nope. But you can set an alias for the RSS feed. When editing the feed URL, just put it in front of the URL and separate it with a |

Custom Name|http://whatever

You can also extend the detailed info to cover the screen by enabling gui.tall_category_list

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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