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µTorrent 1.8 released


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Windows is stupidly caching the icon. Dekaritae's icon doesn't exist in the executable anymore.

OK I made a clean-up of the cache of thumbnails with CCleaner.

Then I "kill" explorer.exe (with Ctrl+Alt+Suppr) and I restart it (File → New Task → explorer.exe → OK).

Now it works. Thank you ! ;)

pihug12 :cool:

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Thank you for your long work on this release. After reading the changelog, am I right that some older skins will no longer show with µTorrent? My toolbar skin works fine but my tabs and status icon skins are not showing and replaced with µTorrent's default ones.


After searching some more on the forum I saw that the logger tab tells me that the tab and status files do not have the right number of icons so that's why they're not being loaded. For other people noticing the same behavior, you will have to download updated skins.

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i would like in the trackers tab to be able to copy the url to clipboard with the right click like in 1.7

right-click->add tracker... -> control-c

@durerca: there are 3 new icons - RSS related, that's probably why. Either you add them yourself to your skips, or the devs should make it so the default will show for only those 3 (as I already suggested...)

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I can not access any of the down loads after I long on to your site.I have deleted and reinstalled you program several times with no results. I have set my fire wall to accept utorrent as well.I can access other sites to down loan movies with no problems.HELP.

Ed Sterling

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- Fix: create folder for multi file torrents, with magnet URI downloads

Not working for me. Subdirectory is created when downloading torrent file as usual but not when downloading via magnet link.

Similar problem with single file torrents - downloaded file is named incorrectly.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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