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WebUI v0.361 ready for testing


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got he same problem with the downloads stop with the error. each time i restart them.

i tried to fix it with by replacing the code lines. but it didnt work. i reinstalled utorrent delated all befor. helpt nothing.

will there soon be a working update to the webui?

or can anyone send me a working version.

i also tried the 360 version and got the same problem. any idea?

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WebUI update worked great with my WHS or (winServer2003SBE) using a few browsers nothing to off the charts just IE8 in compatibility mode, Firefox/3.0.5 and occasionally safari Mobile on the iPhone(works OK except after zoom in sometimes messes up the UI but as it wasn't designed with this in mind its GREAT!!). Utorrent(client)V1.8.2, hope this info is in some way useful. Keep up the great JS work im on my L plates I can make a tic tac toe game lol. :D

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@beto113, I want to be able to remove the torrent from WebUI download list and delete the torrent file, but leave the downloaded data at home for viewing later. Currently all I can do is remove the entry, leaving the torrent. The uTorrent client has an option to 'Remove and Delete torrent', can someone please add support for this to the WebUI? Assuming uTorrent has made such functionality available via its API.

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I finally got off my rear end and figured out how to use the WebGUI, using uTorrent 1.8.1 so I got version 0.386 of the WebUI.

Pretty Impressive... Will the WebUI eventually have more of the right-klik functions that the host program has (Showing the Download bar, setting queue positions, etc.)?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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