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µTorrent 3.3 beta


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Then maybe you should read the whole line: http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/7792/asasasu.png

You are absolutely right. I made an assumption I shouldn't have.

I retract that statement. I just fired up utorrent using my cloned backup drive' date=' did the upgrade and made absolutely sure I had nothing checked. It still installed the toolbar on all my browsers.

And another interesting thing... When I shut down my browsers, uninstall the utorrent toolbar and fire up the browsers again, the toolbar is still there. So you can't stop it from installing, and it can't be uninstalled. Only disabled from within the browser.


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and it can't be uninstalled.

If this is the case, and you had it installed, how can you say it was installed again? Maybe just a leftover install? (not that I support it not being able to be uninstalled...)

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3.3 alpha 27150 has a same problem.

Did you send your torrent and settings to the devs?

Same thing happens with default/clean settings?


All torrent, default(clean) settings has a same problem.

I tested utorrent 3.x on three systems. (Sandybridge i5-Win7x64Ult, Arrandale i3-Win7x64HomeP, Conroe Pentium-Win7x86Ult)

I also test with real system, virtualbox WinXP, sandboxie.

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Seems it still has to iron up some basic issues to be usable... Waiting for next release :)


Plus - a short explanation on the new Labels/directories feature and it's design/correlation to RSS and the destination folders specified there and labels there would be nice!

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to the developer

is there any way of improving the buffering issues in Utorrent 3.3 ? its like the chunks are having a hard time in building the stream. the swarm speed is rather old with good enough seeders. my download speed is not a issue. :)

please try to look into this, there is also a issue in the player HD, status Window, in XP when i click full-screen, i see the VLC activeX without a name in the task bar, I think this might be a mistake in setting the window to hidden in the task bar. and please add always on top while playing. i think that is pretty nice to have on the Hd player window so it stays on top of all other windows.

thanks for reading

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