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a small yet handy suggestion


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if you're gonna mention CD ripper, then I'm gonna tack on disc burning! But...

Before ya know it, someone's gonna want a font manager, temperature monitoring, CPU throttling, multi-protocol IM support, and support for DOS.

To comment on the idea, sorry but I'm votin' against it. Disk space usage ought to be a user problem, not uTorrent. If you're going to be downloading a lot of things, you're gonna have to figure out for yourself just how much space you have available to ensure that your download is completed. It is the user's responsibility for managing the amount of free space on the user's hard drive, not the software. And if you're downloading a lot without monitoring your system for free space, then it'll be your fault for not having ample room for uTorrent to download and save those files. Think of this as akin to protecting your computer from spyware and virus. The software isn't going to protect you from everything. The user has to be responsible for his/her own actions to prevent such intrusions.

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agret, no one said it was hard, but its useless,

plus its an active process(atleast when your downloading something), which means it takes cpu.

Passive functions is ok to add, but Active functions/processes, only waste cpu/memory,

which means that you should be careful to add useless stuff like this one.

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Dear all,

seems like a pretty beaten trail, but i'll add my two cents worth ayway...

the way i've got my hdd setup, its got three partititions which have about 2gb each to download on.. and i d/l a lot of *BIG* files... i have to decide on runtime which drive it goes too. Thats why it would be good to just have it there right in front of you.

I appreciate people's comments about keeping utorrent from having 'unnecessary' features, and they seem to be keeping to the true spirit of the program, but still... a *little* more ease shouldnt hurt :P

btw.. someone mentioned a window dock, any idea where i can get my hands on a desktop widget showing how much my HDD's have left in space ?


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i'd like it to show how much cpu, memory usage and how much speed does each process take (just like kerio PF)

i'd like a couple of games to be implemented so that i can have what to do till it's downloading :)

maybe a music player and a video player later so that i could listen to music while i play those games

and ofc it's nothing without a cd ripper !!!

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ievolver: and what happens when you add too many of these easy-to-implement-yet-pretty-much-useless features ? ;]

Yea that's probably one of the features that will cost more than it produces. Manage your shit better! Hard drive space is something you should be aware of in the back of your mind, not something that you have to constantly stare at to make sure 50 gigs dont disappear into thin air.

Plus refreshing that hard drive space value takes a timer and added memory use.


EDIT: DAMN 1c3d0g, that coolmon proggie looks hot! Definately need to get my hands on that.

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