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µTorrent 1.5.1 beta 466


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The problem is, Lawyers don't get paid if they act rational and sane when advising their clients.

So this unfriendly guy will probably find a lawyer that gives him what HE thinks he deserves.

(OMFG what if "maxe" is the famous Mr. Huckabay? Will we all go to hell with the antichrist?!)



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threatening posting..........consulted my lawyer....

w00t!! things are getting HEATED up in here.... niiiiiiiiceeee :)

well usually a new release causes a HUGE stir....but THIS is a surprising exception.

I'm gonna subscribe to this thread :P

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unfortunately i was not able to read his reactions. :-(

his posting statistics showing 9 posts. so there must be a few more after i told him that i don't wanted to flame but seriously asking this severe mentall illness thing why i would think someone the used to call i***t would do him a favour.

But as i understand he has informed our Boss (ludde) about our bad bad behaviour against him. ;-)

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so the lawyer might have hold him the same thing the TPB guys tell their "fans".

You now have your own "fan" then. ;)


how come he got your (not real) mailadress then. i thought the form mail here is "one way only"?

Or have you replied to him from a µT account?


What a moron then!


gmx has relatively good working spam filters (they even censor freedom of speed activists that do not send spam :( ).

And if our hero uses the webinterface of gmx.de no real usefullness of spamming him

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Cleanup part 2. I don't really have to explain my bans, especially not to a guy who just registered using a mailinator addresss and has wildly different IPs with each login. cough ban evasion cough

Anyway, cleaned up and rebanned. Idiots deserve to be called idiots, I'm not sorry in the slightest for what I said.

If you get banned here (and I'm VERY lenient), YOU DESERVED IT!

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the introduction of torrent renaming brought that whole section frustrating close to perfection

the one last thing it needs is to automatically pickup changes in folder names as it does file names

i know this has been requested before, but it bears repeating ;)

as an example, often i will drop say 20 torrents on µTorrent at once and click OK to each of them, however 3 have names that need to be 'fixed up' before proceding.

it is then somewhat difficult to go back and fixup the torrent names as there is no way to easily extract the saved path so i have to retype them all again

instead what i have been doing is adding one at a time (which is much slower than just clicking ok a bunch of times) so if i have to fixup a name, i can copy the text and immediately paste it to rename the torrent

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1. tried to highlight that line before but no joy, never thought to just right-click anyways

2. it copies full path including drive and any parent folders so still a mess to clean up ;)

yeah, ok i know this isn't the most earth-shattering feature and it can be worked around, it would just be a nice touch

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dAbReAkA, you mentioned using "cache boost" to keep from using more memory while the cache feature is enabled in utorrent. May I ask what program you are speaking of? *edit* by cache boost do you mean the diskio.flush_files option in advanced settings?*edit*

I want to use the cache feature to protect the harddrive, but can't afford it in RAM sometimes when running a lot of other programs. Utorrent uses crazy low resources as long as the cache feature is not ticked. It's still lower than other clients with the cache enabled, but substantially higher than utorrent's usual RAM usage.

Thanks a bunch :) .

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Pretty much every dialog that isn't an error is non-modal now.

edit: I updated the changelog with stuff ludde forgot (I probably still missed some).

Also, it incorrectly says UPnP is for XP only in µTorrent. It works for ALL OSes, ignore what it says. :P

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