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µTorrent 1.8.3 beta 15619


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This is on my Vista x64 box, i'm not sure at what point it locks up but memory usage was around 1.9GB when i came back to it. It would appear the memory consumption increases steadily by about ~5MB every time the resume.dat is updated.

From processexplorer:

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- Change: added code for handing bundles with the bundle type encoded in the bundle

- Change: modified the bundle code to unconditionally pop up dialog box

- Change: modified installer to remove the extra 32 bytes for the bundle type when installing from bundle

erm, what are bundles?? (sorry if it's been mentioned somewhere before)

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Confirming that it rises steadily. From the time of my first message till now, it has gone over 1,6gb of memory usage.

Max con. per torrent: 100

Max total : 250

Upload slots : 5

Upload speed : Auto

Ipfilter: on

Max number of running torrents : 5

Currently running : 5 (seeding 3, downloading 2)

All Advanced settings are default.

OS: Windows 7 Beta 7000 x64

CPU : Intel E6600@default (2,4Ghz)

RAM : 4Gb@800Mhz

OS Disk : WD Raptor 36Gb

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Richard> We are looking into a solution to get old skins working with a mixture of defaults for new images. Did this problem also occur in the 1.7x-1.8 update for people using skins? New images were added in that update as well.

Yes, it occurred in those updates as well... I mentioned it... complained even... loudly... a few times...

I was shut down again...


-- Smoovious

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Got a memory leak from 1.8.2(uTorrent was growing to 500+ mb's in memory + up to 2,6Gb in page file), yesterday got a 1.8.3 update, and the things went even worse. uT grows faster and stops responding very soon.

ProcessExplorer shows only Microsoft Corp. signed dll's in uT, and some .nls files. Got my system checked with AVZ tool and found no problems.

Will now try going back to 1.8.1 to check if it's my drivers\system\anything else fault, cos 1.8.1 worked perfectly fine for me.

after 3 hours: 1.8.1 is much better. It eats around 22Mb's of ram and it now shows 800+ Mb's of swap on my HDD used(this is too much too, it was around 300MB's with my previous windows installation, will check about it). But 1.8.1 is difinitely all right cos it has no tendency to infinitely expand the memory consumption over time.

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exactly the same thing happened to me (as avatarl said above) .. - left it overnight .. now checked it .. and it was "crashed" - had to restart it, etc...

Will switch back for now also i guess ..

So 1.8.2 was a previous one (i can't recall now) .. - wasn't there another version (beta maybe) before this 1.8.3 beta?

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I have two problems with this beta:

1. can no longer recover the utorrent window when it has been minimized. Hovering over the icon in the systray gets the popup "utorrent 1.83 beta // x(x) downloading, x(x) seeding // 1.0 kB/s down, 0.7 kB/s up"

2, previously mentioned memory leak. utorrent has virtual size 2,056,384 K and working set 1,957,296 K.

I have Windows Home Premium x64, 8 GB mem.

Since I can no longer control it via the interface, I am killing it and rolling back to the previous version.

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Confirmed all 3 cases to me:

- "Queued Seed" for about a half of my 180 torrents (with 1.8.2 no such thing)

- non-working tstastus.bmp

- instant memory use grow

System: Intel Core2Duo, T5800 2 GHz, 3 GB RAM, WinXP Pro SP3, no such problems with 1.8.2, only tstatus problem with 1.9 beta

I'm asking too - should be this particularly beta available so fast through auto-update... reverting is always annoying & non automatic

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upgraded this morning at 7:30. came home to out of memory error. restarted at 7:30pm. noticed new downloads from this morning had elapsed time of 1.5 hours. out of memory again at 9pm (1.5hrs).

using vista 64bit. memory usage right now is 1.6gb.

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