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µTorrent 2.0 released


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@Ondoy: and set net.calc_overhead = true, so we can see the full amount of data + overhead on your graph.

There is also a chance the uTorrent simply does not measure the speed well here.. So Netmeter is possibly your tool to check the speed externally.

and a 70K upload limit will be nice too...

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- Fix: rate limiting problem when using calc_overhead and switching between unlimited and rate limited upload or download

Awesome ;)

Now everything works great including upload/download limiting

But I have question about net.calc_overhead

It only separates files up/down and communication overhead ? Or set to true, add also overhead limiting

because upload limit set to 15KB/s with net.calc_overhead=true, causing upload to be about 11KB/s (graph properly showing limit about 15KB/s)

or its simply bug in shown actual speed in menu ?

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If I'm understanding the option properly... uTorrent still shows the same total bandwidth used regardless of the setting. However, if you turn it on, uTorrent attempts to calculate what portion of that usage is protocol overhead and separates that from actual data transfer.

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@Zarggg/Virtual_ManPL : http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=446416#p446416

And the idea was to limit both data+overhead when calc_overhead = true, but from now - always to show the net-data in the numbers.

I would rather have dotted lines for the totals though...

Issues that I can still see in RC4:

- overhead is now underestimated

- I would rather have dotted lines for the totals though... http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=444873#p444873

- and for me (locally) - I still have an issue with seeding only, that seems not to work at all with uTP only communication. But I guess it's a local issue here (ISP/Firewall/router etc).

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When finished downloading a file, in Windows 7, for example. the balloon in taskbar shows up. When I click it, it should've been able to locate the file I have downloaded and select that file for me in a newly opened window. However, 2.0 RC3 and RC4 failed to locate the file and select it. I have to find that file in uTorrent and then click Open Containing Folder. It then selects the file for me. Any suggestions?

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@Ondoy: and a ~65K upload limit did not help ?


Same problems as previous version, upload overhead goes above the limit and the numbers in the bottom bar still do not count overhead.

@fadeout: I can't see any issue with the upload limiter. Only with the miscalculation of the overhead...

btw, I think the devs choose to display the real data-speed (same as with calc_ovehead=flase) and not the total. do you think it's more confusing ? I don't know... :/



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I see up to 82K on the first one... You should remember that "overhead" counts too .

Also, you should check what is your real connection upload speed, with your ISP speed test here: http://cables2.013net.net/upload/index.php

But you are right, there is just a small chance that it will effect the results ( that are not VERY far away from 1.8.5 )

I hope RC5 will calculate the overhead better...

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Under wine(1.1.36) uTorrent not opens TCP-port. If select same port in http-server, it will accept many connections from BitTorrent-protocol.

netstat says, that opened only udp,udp6 ports.

udp 0 0 *:22913 *:* 11971/wineserver

udp6 0 0 [::]:22913 [::]:* 11971/wineserver

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and what should I do now to get the correct number of peers ?

Here are more screenshots of the problem :



as you can see that the connected peers number is shown correctly

but the number of all peers is completely wrong !

I also want to know the reason why I don't appear as a seed even though

I'm seeding ?!

PS : I'm using Utorrent 2.0 RC4


Virus X

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@86195DFA : you mean that the line length is too short to fit it all in ? yes, they should provide 2 text lines for errors in the next release...

- I also suggest to eliminate the use of xxx.yy Kbps for speeds , xxx is enough.

- and.. showing the speed test progress and result on the speed graph will be nice :)

- on the drop-down list - test results & current settings should be at the exact same format of the speed test -

> test result was 157kbit/s (9 KB/s)

> current settings 222kbit/s (12 KB/s)

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