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µTorrent 2.0.3 released


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I hear you on the risk, but I think it's managed well enough that I'm not worried.

As I mentioned, I run the scheduled task elevated, so as to avoid the UAC pop-up, to which I wont be around to "accept" as I'll be sleeping when it is run.

Also, as I mentioned, this same flow was working "as-is" in the prior stable. :)

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Cannot read this whole thread.. but ..

can confirm the display window bug in utorrent 2.03beta build20193

OS= winxp us sp3


Under UI settings, the option 'show a window that displays the files inside the torrent'

cannot be activated


When under Directories, the option 'Always show dialog on manual add'

is enabled, the display window shows correctly.

In my view, I don't want to know about a connection here.

When I enable an option, I like to see it enabled.

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still confused who's idea it was to change the default ask to No information at all, when an link is clicked on or added, again this still seems like an work around for the hanging utorrent issue, what's the point in confusing millions of users when this goes into official release (More so if you Force the issue and with out telling the user auto Disable the download box when an update has been installed)

it still should ask unless the user chosen to Not ask, All you had to do is add an tick box to the download box so it no longer asks if the user decides to make it no longer show that is how it should be done not force it onto millions of users your going to get so many new threads popping up if this none default manner of downloading kicks in

is there really an good reason to change the default manner that 99% of programs do when you try to start an torrent or download (post from DreadWingKnight most likely be ignored unless he has an hand in this or not, FAQ not helpful unless your an new user old users expect it to work as normal)

going to play with falcon on my other system (i guess that was messed with as well)

local peer traffic is been filter as well so noever goes any higher then my upload limit unless i set it to 0

other note UTP on my connection is Not limiting it self correctly when left to do its own thing (UTP rate limit not ticked) makes internet not Very slow pings avg around 300mms (up to 450ms, min 200ms, mostly 350ms)

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wow, thanks a lot. This version is about 20 % stonger uploader then the 2.0.2. It's important for those who want to get better ratio on private sites. No bug here yet. (win 7 64 bit). Also download is about 10% better now ( but maybe just accidently). Also can now make prety good handshakes with bitlord (some of them are very generous ), 2.0.2 almost never could "negotiate" with bitlord.

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How about new torrents not showing by default??

Although i found a way around to show them, it still wont show by default and every time i start uT i have to either press F7 for which i have to disable the keyboard F Mode or manually activate the show category list and then on the left panel that opens on all...

Well the panel stays active but i still have to press all every time...

Any idea on how to fix it by default??

Edit:This problem is for the 3.0 alpha, i thought i was on the 2.0.3 beta version...

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Hello, i have a problem in 2.0.3 versions(all of them). When i change any setting and press "Apply" or "OK" inside settings window, utorrent hangs for 10-20 seconds or so.

My OS is Win7 x64, firewall and windows defender are disabled, UAC is disabled, no antivirus software, ipv6 protocol is disabled in windows, net.disable_ipv6=true.

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Just adding my 2c to the argument, that every new GUI option for previously existing feature is being forcibly disabled, no matter if it was enabled before - THIS IS F*UCKED UP !

We are not talking about fresh install, we are talking about upgraded versions...This is not the way "good" software is done, guys!

Why do we have to go through hundreds options to see what it disabled after each update?

Oh, and after all that, I've tried the v3.0 alpha version and guess what? - it also reset torrent columns settings, the same as after upgrade from v1.8 to v2- well, that was the last drop in my cup, switched permanently back to stable version.

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The problem is, its what the developers think/want the defaults to be, seeing as they make the app, they are the g0ds when it comes to this

I am glad that they changed the default for rate limiting, its a TRUE B/W KILLER and the decision to have it off by default is madness. Its fixed, EOS (unless you quote my protocol limitation options idea earlier in the thread like someone else did :D )

Other then that, the default location/show download window is the ONLY thing I dont like, I download a great many things (mostly freeware updates) and the majority of the time I look over what I will be downloading, look at the folder its going to, then click OK, there are still a few that I like to remove things from (like the retarded downloaded from doc or release notes - normally read before i DL) then click OK, so the option to not show this really bugged me... as a default I think this is a bad idea... and others seem to agree (no i didnt say all others, didnt say almost everyone, i just said others, nor a majority thing, if you want a better idea, do a poll or make a EOD thread)...

long winded and run-on and now i gotta put dinner away... but I leave you with my fav tool:


works great for many games, and actually helped when tormenting to my Private Torrent site (Upload wise, always maxed out my DL)

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I still cant see torrent dialog when opening a torrent,im running Vista x64.

Shouldnt it have been changed back again on this latest beta version

[show add torrent dialog by default again] version µTorrent 2.0.3 beta 20268.

Is it a bug or is there a setting i can change??

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Think I found a bug.

Just updated, and now all the sudden when I add torrent it doesn't ask me for any info such as where to download it or label. The "show a window that displays the files inside a torrent" is checked in Options.

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as mine takes to long to exit normally 1 min to close when it should exit quite fast (as nothing is downloading just seeding linux files that are inactive)

also it does not matter if the torrents are active or not just been in the list in an stopped or qued state seem to do it as well

thread sticking issue that's holding up the GUI (any thing related to disk or hashing i norm find does it, official emule did it as well not sure if they fixed yet even thought the fix has been out for years, but emule mods have the fixed applied so does not result in an locked emule even when the disk is not keeping up)

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Updated to utorrent 2.0.3 beta 20367 and i still cant see the window with the torrent files.

Shouldnt i be able to do that since version 2.0.3 beta 20268 [ Change: show add torrent dialog by default again]........

Would be happy if someone helped.Maybe im missunderstanding,when opening a torrent file,i wanna se the files,before staring the torrent,shouldnt i be able to do that.I know you removed it but since version 2.0.3 20268 i should be able to see it,shouldnt i??Sorrry for my bad english also.

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